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Heart Palpitations Post Tummy Tuck

Since having my tummy tuck on March 01, I was doing fine then about a week ago I started feeling as if I was having anxiety attacks along with heart palpitations after eating food(breakfast,lunch or dinner),chest pain, some lightheadness(or fuzziness) and a general overall feeling of uneasiness,like I am going to die. Yes, I know this sounds like textbook "anxiety attack" but I honestly don't feel like this is it. Any suggestions?

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Heart palpitations not related to a tummy tuck done back in 2001


Please see your primary care doctor or your internist for a formal work up.  It is unlikely your palpitations are related to your cosmetic surgery done many years ago.

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Heart Palpitations Post Tummy Tuck


Seek immediate care from your surgeon or primary care. I'm concerned that if not an 'anxiety attack' it could be much more serious. Like thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolus, heart issues, etc. are just a few risks. Even a phone call to your surgeon is in order. From MIAMI  

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