I Heard That Fat Shows Up in Weird Places After Lipo. Will This Also Happen After the BBL Surgery?

I've read that after standard liposuction, fat starts showing up in unexpected places. I heard that this happens because the body has a standard number of fat cells and after the removal of fat cells from one location, the body just reproduces them somewhere else. Does this also happen after the Brazilian Butt lift procedure? Or is this not a problem because the removed fat cells are manually transferred to the buttocks?

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The Urban Myth of Migratng Fat after Liposuction

The problem with uran myths and great lies is that they have an element of truth.

Let's first define FAT. The fat you see on yourself and others are collections of millions of microscopic fat CELLS. The fat cells are mini storage rooms whose biological function is to take calories we have eaten but not consumed, convert them into fat and store them.  It's all about the bottom line; to empty our fat cells of their fat storage we must burn more calories than we eat. To keep the fat cels empty we must then burn as much as we take in. Returning to relative inactivity and continued elevated caloric consumption will result in those calories beng stored as fat in fat cells which were previously empty. 

With Lipsuction we permanently remove fat cells from certain areas. We do not remove all the fat cells just some. Unfortunately, some people view liposuction as a replacement for lifetime healthy eating and exercising. It s not. When these people slip back into a sedentary life style with insufficient or no exercise while going up on ther caloric intake, all the fat cells throughout the body will fill up with fat made up from these excess calories. Since the liposuctioned areas have less fat cells, they cannot fill up to the same extent as the untouched fat cells in previously unliposuctioned aras. Ths gives ruse to the urban myth that fat cels somehow move. They don't. 

As we get older and our metabolism slows down we MUST cut down on the amount of calories we take in and increase our activity levels to burn more of the calories we do take in to keep our storage rooms as empty as possible. 

Happy Excercising

Peter A Aldea, MD

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Fat does not "Just show up" in other areas after lipo

Liposuction removes some of the fat cells in problem areas. Your body does not make more fat cells. However, after liposuction, you must maintain a healthy balance of diet and exercise or your body can and will add fat to existing fat cells. If you do put on pounds, the fat will tend to be more evenly distributed than before liposuction since some of the problem area fat cells have been removed. Fat won't show up in weird places.

John Squires, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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