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Hard Scar Tissue After Lip Lift

I had a lip lift done three weeks ago where the incision is under the nose. It is very hard along this incision line, making my upper lip area look bulky and protruding in an unnatural manner. The area is so hard and tight that I cannot smile easily without discomfort, and it looks like more of a grimace. Please let me know if there is any treatment that can help this, it is very distressing.Thanks

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Lip lift

You need to make sure that you do not have a wound infection. Otherwise it is only swelling and the natural healing process. Time is a good healer, mild massage to the lip

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Firm and hard lip lift

You are currently at the peak of healing and firm scar tissue is to be expected at this point in time. Do not be in distress. It is normal and typical and will likely resolve. However, do not expect any significant softness in the tissues until after 6 weeks.

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