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Hair Transplant Side Effects

What kind of side effects are possible with hair transplant surgery? Could your real hair end up falling out?

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Hair Transplant Side effect

Hair transplants are very safe procedures with few side effects. The common side effects are swelling, minor discomfort, numbness, itching, and local inflammation. However, they are not severe and are temporary. Very rarely a patient may experience shock loss, but this is temporary and the hair will grow back in 3-6 months. Bad design of your new hairline may be a risk factor, but this is easily avoidable with an experienced surgeon, supporting staff, and good communication with your surgeon.



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Side effects of Hair Transplant

Possible side effects directly following hair transplant surgery include bleeding, swelling, and some discomfort. Real hair could temporarily fall out if the grafts are packed too close and blood supply is compromised.  

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Hair Transplant Side Effects

As far as complications they are relativley low....infection and bleeding are minimal.   There can be a visible scar at the donor site if the procedure is not done well.  95% of grafts should successfully take and grow. 

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Hair transplants side effects

Hair transplantation is a very safe surgical proceedure. If done under local anesthesia as most are there is almost no anesthesia risk at all. If done by an experienced surgeon and support staff the results should be excellent with a great hair take. Loss of your own hair should not happen if the surgeon is careful. A process called Shock loss can happen on occasion, however it is temporary and needs no treatment. Bad design is not an actual complication but can certainly be avoided by using an experienced surgeon.

Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair Transplants are very safe and we see very few side effects. 

As far as hair loss goes, there is always a chance there may be some temporary "shedding" from the back and sides of the "donor" areas of the head. In some cases there may be acceleration of "weak hair" (telogen hair) which the patient will lose in the near future.

We have incorporated Luce after our hair transplant procedures and have found that this reduces the chances of hair loss.

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Side effects from a hair transplant are usually only temporary and mild

Common side effects from a hair transplant include swelling, pain, numbness, itching, and local infections.  However, these are usually only temporary and not very severe.  In fact, a hair transplant is considered a "minor outpatient procedure."  One very rare complication is total alopecia of your head when all of your hair falls out.  This is so rare, in fact, that when it does happen it's usually a reportable case.  All in all, a hair transplant is a safe procedure that can be done entirely with local anesthsia. 

Hair Transplantatin "Side Effects"

In addition to those that have been discussed, is the development of temporary numbness.  It does not happen in every and is usally temporary (6-8 weeks or more) and does not effect the growth of the hair.  The numbness is in the back just above the donor scar.

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Hair Transplant Complications

Fortunately, there are few side effects with hair transplant surgery.  The ones to be considered are early loss of the grafts from infection, temporary swelling/bruising and visible scar from the donor site.

Dr. ES

Effects of Hair Transplants

Hair transplant side effects are usually very minimal and last for a short while. There may be some bleeding but it is not life-threatening. If you are not using the Follicular Unit Extraction - FUE procedure, you will most likely have a linear scar. As for your real hair falling out-some patients experience some temporary loss but they grow back over time. In rare instances, it may be permanent loss though. This often would affect hair that was programmed to die regardless of the procedure. It is a question of the inevitable happening earlier than scheduled by nature.

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