Gynecomastia Post Surgery Question. Can Massaging Ruin My Results?

I recently had gynecomastia surgery and i misread the doctors post-op instructions. I was in pain so I rubbed underneath the nipple on the hard areas and it ended up giving me some relief. I did not know this was not permitted for quite some time after the surgery. I am almost 2 weeks post-op and have been gently massaging my chest under the nipple for about 5 days for maybe 4mins a day. Can this ruin the work he has done? Will this affect the final outcome? Hardness is less is this good or bad?

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Messaging the area is not recommended for the first few weeks. If you have been messaging and you don’t have discomfort or any complication up to know, you should be ok. Check in with your PS to assure yourself that you have not harmed your results. Without a picture or a physical examination it’s hard to be more accurate.


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Massaging too soon after gynecomastia surgery

I am sorry that you didn't read the doctor's instructions correctly. I do not think that the amount of massaging you have done will undermine the result but it is important to share this information with your plastic surgeon and follow his instructions going forward. If you are two weeks postop, you should be seen in followup around now and can discuss this with your doctor.

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Gynecomastia Post op


Follow your surgeon's post operative instructions for your best result.  Based on the information given, you should make an appointment for a follow up with your surgeon.  He will tell you when to start the massages.  Every patient heals at a different rate.

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You should follow your doctor's instructions, and any questions specifically about the care should be directed to him.

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