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Will I Get a Good Result from a Breast Lift Without Implants? (photo)

I am completely opposed to implants, so please dont even try to convince me to get them. I have already made up my mind - NO IMPLANTS... thanks... However, I am still torn on whether its worth the bother to get the lift done? I just want to repostion my nipples. I'm not looking to get any major upper pole or anything like that, and wouldn't even mind if they end up a tad smaller as a result of the lift. I just want to know if its worth the time, money, and not to mention scarring... Thank You!

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Mastopexy without implants

You can create cleavage and shape without implants.  during the breast lift if you reshape the breast tissue like an implant the results will look like you have an implanted place. When you're doing a breast lift you want to get the maximum lift possible so the lift will hold over time. In my opinion central pedicle short scar breast lift is a key to creating a  breast lift with good cleavage and shape without an implant.

If you look at my real self page or my website under breast lifts none of these photos have an implant in place they all use the patient's natural tissue to create shaped cleavage. The advantage of your own tissue is that it doesn't have a lifespan of 10 years like an implant. So once the surgery is done you don't have to deal with again in another 10,15 or 20 years. You're much better off not using implant if you don't need one. Breast reductions make the breasts smaller mastopexy's do not make the breast smaller. In my opinion the only reason to use an implant is to make the breast bigger. If you're happy with the size you are in a bra then the lift is all you need and you can make just as much cleavage as an implant.

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Lift without implants

It is clear from your question that you understand what the lift will accomplish and what it cannot. You want a more youthful elevated position of the nipple areola complex and are not overly concerned with upper pole fullness. A lift can accomplish your goals. Your photos demonstrate good breast volume which can be shaped during the lifting procedure.

Only you can decide if the final result is worth the time, money and scarring. This is directly proportional to how much your breast appearance concerns you. The recovery is not difficult and the scarring should be minimal given the appearance of your skin.

Seek out a board certfied plastic surgeon and ask to see mastopexy photos. If you like what you see then you should move forward.

I hope this was helpful.

Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS
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Yes a breast lift can improve the shape of your breasts


A breast lift is designed to shape the breast while a breast augmentation is designed to increase the volume of the breast.  A breast lift for you can certainly improve the position of your nipple/areola as well as improve the symmetry between the breasts.  If done properly, a breast lift can also improve the shape of your breasts by reducing the amount of skin laxity.  I have attached a breast lift only before and after link from my website as an example of what you may expect.


All the best,

Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Yes you can get good results with breast implants

It is most certainly possible to get beautiful result from a breast lift alone, without a need for breast implants.  A breast lift lifts your breasts and reshapes them.  If  you are happy with the volume of your breasts (size), then adding an implant will not add to your satisfaction and could only lower it by giving you breasts you didn't want.
A breast lift, known as vertical sling mastopexy, can give you a great lift and shape that will create an impression of a more youthful, fuller, shapelier breasts.  It is a procedure that is not gaining popularity and it is the only breast lift I perform (except in massive weight loss patients).
Martin Jugenburg, MD

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Will I Get a Good Result from a Breast Lift Without Implants?

A breast lift will result in breasts that do not hang down so far, and the nipple will be elevated into a better position for a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape.  Your existing breast tissue will be pushed higher so that there will be some degree of greater fullness behind the new nipple position, in the main or middle portion of your breast. There will be NO greater fullness in the upper portion of your breast, which you say is not important to you, as only implants can reliably provide this.  Your breasts will be no smaller after lifting (unless a thimble sized amount of the outer layer of excess skin that is removed is considered significant).  What looks in the photo like some asymmetry in the overhang of your breasts should be improved. Whether these changes in your breast shape and nipple position are worth the scars of a lift, which usually do quite well but certainly vary from patient to patient, only you can say. Asking to look at a variety of pre and post op photos of similar patients should help you make this decision.

Breast Lifting Worth It?

Thank you for the question and picture.

Only YOU  can answer the question whether breast lifting is "worth it"  or not in your specific case. It will come down to how much the the "deformity" (position of the nipples)  bothers you versus the costs ( time, money, scarring)  associated with fixing the “deformity”.

Based on the pictures it is clear that a breast lift will help you by raising the nipple/areola complexes and  tighten up the breast skin envelope.  

The operation will likely involve incisions around the areola as well as vertically oriented ('vertical mastopexy"). The trade-off typically seen with breast lifting is improvement in breast position versus the  presence of scars. Whether to proceed with the surgery  becomes a very personal decision that should be made after weighing the pros and cons carefully.

I hope this helps.

Lift without implants

Go for it. You should get a great result with just a lift. Definitely worth it. I never try to talk someone into implants. Your bra size shouldn't really change much at all. If the surgery is done well than the scars should heal thin and flat and eventually blend in well. You will feel sexier and enjoy your breasts more if they are higher, tighter and perkier as I suspect that this is your goal.

Ronald Schuster, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Will I get a good result from a breast lift without implants? (photo)

Thank you for your question and photos!  It is normal for the breast to lose its firmness and perkiness over time, which is accentuated with age, pregnancy/breast feeding, weight gain/loss, and gravity.  This ultimately results in ptosis, or sagging, of the breast with a “deflated” appearance.  Women often seek the mastopexy, or breast lift, procedure to regain the previous youthful appearance of her breasts and desire that uplifted and perky appearance of her breasts.  Women report increased confidence, self-esteem, and femininity once she achieves this desired shape and fullness.  Breast lifts may or may not be performed with implants – the implant would add increased size but also greater fullness in the upper pole of the breasts which creates more cleavage.  The implant itself will add these things - given your photos, a breast lift alone is a reasonable decision.  

So, the changes of your breasts are normal and will continue to occur.  The decision for a breast lift will be up to you...depending on how much you are bothered about the shape as well as your concerns.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon well-versed in breast surgery and s/he will assist you in deciding if a mastopexy will be the right decision for you.  Thank you for your question!  Hope that this helps.  Best wishes for a wonderful result!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift without implants

From your photo it appears you have adequate breast volume, and I agree with you that you don't need to have a breast augmentation with implants.  You could consider a breast lift to reposition the nipples.  This procedure could be done in a variety of ways.  Excess skin could be removed from around the areolas in a donut shape, resulting in a scar only around the edge of the areola.  Or skin could be removed from around the areola and vertically below the nipple resulting in a lollipop shaped scar.  Finally, skin could be removed from the above areas and in a crescent along the inframammary fold resulting in an anchor shaped scar.  Each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages.  Those with fewer scars provide less lift and visa versa.  Seek the opinion of a broard certified plastic surgeon who routinely performs the various options.  Good luck!  

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lifting without implants?

Hello, A breast lift will definitely raise the nipple/areola complex and tighten the breast skin envelope. Breast lifts help breast shape and position on the chest, while breast augmentations help increase the volume of the breasts. If you are happy with the size of your breasts or don't mind being slightly smaller after your surgery, a breast lift would certainly be a good option for you without the use of implants. 


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