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Is There a Generic Form of Latisse?

Is there a generic form of Latisse? What is the cost and what is the cost of Latisse?

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Generic for Latisse


Thank you for your question.

There is no generic for Latisse... there are imitations.

Latisse has been FDA approved for use on the eyelashes and one bottle ($120)  can last 2 months if used correctly.  Do not risk putting something unknown around your eyes - not worth it!

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There is No Generic Latisse


Latisse is a prescription-only medication and is the only solution that has been proven to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. There are no generic substitutes for Latisse.  There is also a $40 rebate being offered right now by Allergan, the company that makes Latisse.

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No generic form, normally $120 for 1 kit


There is no generic form of Latisse.  Usually 1 kit sells for $120.  However, you can often find rebates for the product.  We instruct patients who to make each kit last 2-3 months, making it pretty affordable and well worth every penny.

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No generic latisse

Latisse is the only product that is FDA approved for making the lashes longer, fuller and darker. It is a great product and patients are extremely happy with the results. Any other products making this claim are not of the same prescription make up "lumigan" formulated by Allergan. For the $120.00 cost the product lasts a long time with very beneficial results. Stick to the label brand on this one, you won't be wasting your money!

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No generic Latisse and no other product works the same way


Latisse is a prescription product that is FDA-cleared for enhancing eyelashes by making them grow longer, darker, and fuller. Allergan (which also makes Botox and Juvederm) owns the rights to the product and there is no other product that can make the same claims; everything else is just expensive mascara. The active ingredient in Latisse is used in a different formulation calle Lumigan for treatment of glaucoma but this should not be substituted for Latisse.

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