Is A Gay Guy with Hourglass Figure Possible? How Can I Best Go About Feminizing my Male Figure?

Black fem gay male in the DC area. Finally committing to learn more about options that will feminize my shape so that I have more of a hourglass figure. I am considering the Brazillian Butt Lift, but am confused trying to pick the right Dr. I would also like to have a slight rhinoplasty, and a procedure that can enhance my chest/ pectoral regions. I dont want a sex change, just want a softer, more feminine body. Serious replies only please. How much would a consultation be? Where do I begin?

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Feminizing procedures

In general terms, There are many feminizing procedures. It all depend on your present figure. Tha range is from liposuction, fat transfer, And that is dependant on the location of fat you have and deciding what is the most appropriate procedure.

Chest feminization is possible.

You need a full consultation with a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY) for full evaluation, incluing examination, discussion of your expectations, and  what is available specificaly to you.

Brazilian Butt Lift is dependant on the amount and location of fat that you have.

Facial feminization is possible, but is dependant on your facial shape, boney structure, and your desires. Look at feminen features and what you like and communicate with the surgeon through these pictures and features you like. He /She will be able to tell you what is possible and what is not.

You are embarking on mutiple procedures, and quite an expense.


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Brazillian butt lift

It is difficult to determine the "how" without photos, or even better with an examination.  But just, using my prior experience, I would begin with liposuction and using the fat for grafting the buttocks (aka: Brazilian butt lift).  I have had much experience in this sort of cases, so I would recommend someone with a similar background and artistic sense to begin your "quest".  What you are asking is pretty doable, but it would also depend on your body shape.

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