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Full Tummy Tuck Pulled my Breast Down As Well!

Full Tummy tuck (Feb22)Pulled my breast down as well.Will keeping on a back supporting gretil and push up bra help after a while?

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A tummy tuck can pull the breasts down...slightly


It has been only a few weeks since your surgery.  You are swollen and your tissues are tight.  As the welling subsides and the skin softens your breasts will not look as pulled as they are now.  A support garment for your abdomen right now helps curb the swelling and promotes attachment of the abdominal tissue back to the muscle layer beneath it, but a push-up bra will not make any difference.  Just be patient and don't panic.  I have had a tt, too and it takes at least 6 months to see what your results will really look like.  It will be worth it.

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Full tummy tuck and breasts


Sometimes in weight loss patients, it is possible to pulled down the breast fold a bit without undermining due to the laxity associated with the weight loss.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Can a Tummy Tuck pull the Breasts done?


It would be unusual for the breasts to be pulled done very much after a tummy tuck. But, if your surgeon performed dissection too high and violated the breast fold, the breasts can theoretically be pulled down during a tummy tuck. The upper limits of a tummy tuck dissection should be the ribs. You should specifically discuss this issue with your surgeon. If the breast fold was disrupted, it is very difficult to correct and may require surgical intervention. Wearing a supportive bra will not help. It is also possible that the breasts are not really pulled down very much. A photographe would be helpful to us and I am sure your surgeon will review your pre op photos with you.

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Breast descent following Tummy Tuck


Dear Gia,

As you are less than 2 weeks out from your tummy tuck surgery, the result you see is not the final one.  Over the next few weeks to months your tummy tissue will become less swollen and improve in elasticity.  This alone may improve the changes that you see in your breasts.  Further, it is unlikely that the tummy tuck surgery was continued to the area underneath your breasts; thus, it is unlikely for you to have any permanent changes.  Your best next step is to make the surgeon aware of this issue and give you guidance.  Best wishes with your endeavor.

Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Talk to your surgeon.


You should discuss this situation with your surgeon and see if it is swelling that is causing this.  I would follow his/her recommendations and avoid puliling on the area. 

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You need to wait


Your surgery was 2 weeks ago and the final result may be different. Please discuss your concerns with your surgeon and without pictures it is hard to give you good answer.

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Breast movement after tummy tuck.


Movement of the breasts down after a tummy tuck is extremely unusual.  Assuming that the fold was not violated with the abdominoplasty the breast should relax as the skin tension results over several weeks.

Wishing you all the best.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Pulls down Breasts after Abdominoplasty


Raising the fold beneath the breast is difficult with a bra alone, but at this point, you can wear the underwire to try to hold the fold in place.  It is common for the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck to pull down on the fold under the breasts.

Everett Plastic Surgeon
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How a tummy tuck can pull down the breast


Unfortunately it is true, that if the abdominal flap in tummy tuck is elevated up to the breast, the breast can indeed pull down with the flap and cause the fold under the breast to descend. The push-up bra is unlikely to help, though a snug bra with a stiff under wire to set and lift the breast fold upward may help the situation.

Best of luck,


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