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How is a Seroma Typically Diagnosed, New Opening with Draining? (photo)

as of thurs my belly was swollen but hard when touched I could feel fluid move under the tissue, now I have a large increase from my mons up to my lower belly button. You touch my stomach and the wave that has been talked about is seen. Thurs my PS did a quick US and said he did not see one Will an MRI show a seroma and would tissue swelling cause wave motion like a seroma. Now a small area of my incision has opened and is leaking. called PS secretary said to put a maxi pad on it, what do I do?

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How is a Seroma Typically Diagnosed, New Opening with Draining?

Based upon your written history and posted photos you have an expanding seroma that may be infected. You need drainage ASAP. 

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Seroma after tummy tuck

If you see wave motion like you are carrying a water bag, then you have seroma. It's easily drained in the office. Left alone with drainage, they can slowly expand and over time a capsule will build up and make it difficult for seroma to resolve. It also can create pressure on the surgical incision and cause dehiscence and possible infection. The earlier that you have the seroma drained the better.

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How is a Seroma Typically Diagnosed, New Opening with Draining?

You should be seen and reevaluated. Usually an ultrasound is a useful diagnostic tool. Most surgeons if suspicious of seroma will do a trial aspiration to make or exclude the diagnosis.  

If you haven't already seen your surgeon, call today. 

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