Fit Strong Girls: Implants Under or over Muscle?

I am very fit and active and have very little fat on my upper body, and pretty strong chest and shoulder muscles. I am looking to have implants quite soon. I've had two separate consultations so far, one recommended under the muscle definitely, and the other said definitely over the muscle. I am going to have a few more consultations but thought I'd ask on here for advise. I am currently 34a looking to become 34c, don't know if that matters. Thank you

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Under the muscle for more natural look

Athletic patients almost always have greater muscle mass than non-athletic patients. As a result, breast implants are typically placed underneath the pectoral muscles (sub-pectoral placement) to ensure a natural-looking outcome.

Increased muscle mass also means that implants should be sized in proportion to your body. Rather than simply selecting larger implants, I recommend implants with specific profiles. Years of strength training and fat loss mean that you probably have lost upper pole breast mass, volume from the breast's superior and superior-medial poles (this can visualized as 8 and 12 on an analogue clock) and general breast fullness.
The implants must also be chosen in proportion to the dimensions of your chest wall. One of the most important goals of the procedure is to create great cleavage by using wide diameter implants without leading to a unified-looking breast (symmastia). I carefully measure your chest wall before selecting implants based on these figures to maximize cleavage and leave behind a pleasing, natural-looking result. This approach works well for all patients, regardless of whether they wish to enhance their bust size by a small or large amount.

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Fit Strong Girls: Implants Under or over Muscle?


The advantages of under the muscle implants include easier mammograms, potential for less capsular contracture, and more filling of the superior pole. Disadvantages are pectoralis pull (denting or deformation of the breast). Over the muscle implants will have no pectoralis pull. Your PS can help you decide the pros/cons of each position and what is right for you.

Kurtis Martin, MD
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Breast Implants over or under the muscle


Breast Implants under the muscle would be less visible at the upper portion of the breasts.  It is one of the considerations in the patients with very little breast tissue.  However, it would mean releasing the muscle at its lower attachment.  It is an issue for the body builders and some would accept implant visibility in order to preserve the muscle. You would have to think about your preferences and discuss it with your Plastic Surgeon.

Alexander Golger, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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