4 months post op rhinoplasty and i still have a bump? (Photo)

I had open rhinoplasty in Nov 2013 to remove a bump on my bridge and to shorten my tip. I'm aware there is still swelling, especially on my tip so am happy to wait one year as recommended to see my end results; however, after 3 months i noticed that i still have a bump on my bridge. It is smaller, however the fact is I paid a lot of money to have it taken out, so i expect it to be taken out fully! Please see attached images and tell me what you think, would i have to pay for revision surgery?

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Residual Bump After #Rhinoplasty

From the photos, it does appear that you have a residual bump on the nose. This can be either from too little removed or collapse of the cartilage below. It is too early to tell, and this will likely progress over the course of 1 year. It is possible that you could need another surgery to help correct this, but an in-person consultation would be needed with your physician to tell you more. 

Continue to follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you progress as planned.

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