Can You Feel Breast Implants While Feeling Your Breast?

I was told by someone that during intimacy if someone was feeling the breast, they would be able to feel the breast implant shell while feeling under the breast. Is this true?

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Ability to Feel Breast Implants During Intimacy

Hi there-

There is no doubt that implants might be felt as implants by a partner through intimate touch. The factors that affect how easily they are felt are well outlined by my colleagues.

Of these factors, hopefully it is clear that the only ones you can control are the type of implant you choose (silicone gel implants are much more natural feeling than saline), and the pocket location (any implant will be harder to feel as an implant if it is covered by more tissue- so placing them under the muscle is better in this respect).

Assuming that you are a good candidate, and that you want your breast implants to be as natural feeling and imperceptible as possible (even by your sexual partners), silicone implants placed under your muscle are more likely to achieve your goals.

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Can U Feel Breast Implants While Feeling Your Breasts?Answr:

Many women can feel their implants and it is very normal...When implants are under the muscle usually the bottom edge can be felt where it peeks out from under the muscle and on the side as well...When above the muscle, thinner women can feel them anywhere!!! Very normal...

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants can be felt on occasion.  Saline implants are more palpable than gels.  The usual location where it is possible to feel the implants along the lateral border or along the fold of the breast.  Implant palpability is related to how much breast tissue a person has to cover the implant and the location of the implants.  The smaller the breasts and the larger the implants the more likely the implants will be palpable.  If the implants are under the muscle one may be able to feel the implants on the side or underneath where there is not much muscle to cover the implant.

Todd B. Koch, MD
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon
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Can you feel breast implants under the breast?

Breast implants can indeed be felt under the breast, depending on how much breast tissue is present and where the implant is located (i.e. above or under the muscle). I tell my patients that the larger the implant is in relation to the native breast tissue, the more likely it is to be palpable or even visible (especially with saline implants). In a thin, small breasted woman I thus recommend silicone  sub-muscular implants in order to increase the chance of having a natural look and feel. If a patient has a fair amount of breast tissue (i.e. "full B") then a saline implant may be just fine and not be felt at all. This is because the extra breast tissue is masking the implant and providing a thick enough cushion between it and the outside.

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Daniel A. Medalie, MD

Breast Implant Palpability?

Thank you for the question.

Yes, it is possible in many instances to feel the breast implants  at some points  around the breasts.  Of course, whether this is the case or not will depend on many factors including the proper positioning of the breast implants (centered under the breast mound),  the  size and type of breast implant used, and most importantly the amount of muscle, breast and soft tissue coverage of the breast implants present.   On the other hand, there are patients who are not able to feel the breast implants at all.

There are some areas of the breasts  that are more prone to breast implant palpability,  such as the inferior  and lateral aspects  of the breasts.

I hope this helps


Ability To Feel Breast Implants After An Augmentation

Dear Prettyinpink23,

In most women after an augmentation there will some ability to feel the implant under the breast tissues.  There are areas of the breast that are thicker and therefore harder to feel the implant and then there are the thinner regions were it is easier to feel the implant.  This is true in all breasts with implants.

Also, important is the breast to implant ratio.  In a smaller breast with a larger implant, the implant will be more palpable than in a larger breast with a small implant.  

For most women-and their partners-this issue of feeling the implant during intimate moments does not seem to be a significant problem.

Hope this helps.

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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Can you feel an implant in the breast

Yes, it is possible to feel for implants when feeling the breasts. How obvious or noticeable the implants are depends on how much breast tissue you have over the implant, where the implant was placed (under the muscle or over), how thin the skin is, the size of the implants, whether the implants are silicone or saline filled, where one is feeling (easier to feel it along the borders), and the experience of the “examiner”. In patients with a good amount of breast tissue, and silicone implants placed under the muscle, the feel of the implant is not obvious. On the other hand, in very thin patients with little breast tissue, it is easier to feel the implants, especially at the borders, and especially with saline implants. It really varies from person to person how noticeable the implant is to the touch.


Anita Patel, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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