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How Long Does Fat Transfer for Lip Ehancement Last?

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Fat Transfer to lips yields long-lasting enhancement

Although no study has conclusively answered this question, it appears that autologous fat transfer (from your own body) yields long lasting lip augmentation, and 4-5 years of enhancement is not unusual. There is a good chance that a small percentage (perhaps 15-20%) might actually survive permanently.

Fat is certainly longer lasting than any hyaluronic acid product (eg. Juvederm) and safer than more permanent injectable products that should never be injected into the lips (eg. Radiesse, Silicone). It also feels completely normal and when performed correctly is devoid of any lumps or bumps. Fat yields great results.

Even so, I first suggest an in-office lip augmentation with Restylane to my patients before jumping to fat. I want to make sure that they like the appearance and feel of their lips with more volume. Then, only if they like their enhanced lips, do we proceed with fat transfer about 8-10 months later (after the Restylane is gone).

Other lip procedures include the lip lift and the permanent lip implant, so make sure you talk with your doctor about ALL your options for lip enhancement and decide which is best for you!

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