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Can Fat Nodules Be Eliminated from Penis?

I had fat injection into my penis for increasing it's girth. The operation was six weeks ago, now I have many smaller and bigger firm nodules under my skin. Is there any way/method to eliminate them? Would they reabsorb by time? If yes, how much time, or is it a way to speed up the absorption? I just feel really bad.

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Fat transfer to penis


Frequently fat transfered to the penis will form lumps of fat.

These lumps can be removed surgicaly. In some instances the lumps can be removed through the circumcision incision or through a direct incision over the lumpiness.

There is no other way to disolve the injected fat. It is critical not to injure the nerves or vessels during the procedure. The surgery is done under general anesthesia, outpatient surgery.

risks include

1: infection

2: Bleeding

3: Injury to nerves and vessels

4: Residual lumpiness

5: need for further surgery

6: scarring

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Fat nodules from fat injections of the genitalia


fat nodules tend not to smoothen out over time. they may become smaller but won't spread out to a smoother contour. They can be excised but this will leave a scar. Liposuction may decrease the size of the nodules but this is difficult to create a smooth surface. injecitons of corticosteroid may thin out the lumps.

Manhattan Dermatologist
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