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Facelift After Fat Grafting?

I Had Fat Grafting 5 Weeks Ago. Now I Would Like Deep Plane Face Lift to Lift my Jowls & I am 52 years old & although I love the fat grafting I had about 5 weeks ago, the fat grafting did not lift my face. I have some slight jowling, nasolabial folds,and drooping of the mid-face. I am planning on getting a deep plane face lift by a differnt facial plastic surgeon who is local. I flew to a different town to get the fat grafting. The local facial plastic surgeon doesn't do fat grafting & indicated that facelift would not hurt the fat grafting. However, I wanted to confirm this.

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Facelift surgery after facial fat grafting


Hi Susie Q3440 in Oregon,

5 weeks is still too early for another facial procedure. Typically, 6 months is allowed after facial fat grafting before further plastic surgery is considered. Face lift surgery and fat injections treat different aspects of facial aging, and are complimentary. Most face lift surgeons will inject fat at the same time of the face lift to enhance the cosmetic results.

Fat transfer is a good option to rejuvenate the face without traditional facial plastic surgery. Fat is taken from the abdomen or similar areas with liposuction, and injected into wrinkled areas such as the cheeks, lower eyelid area, jaw line, or temples. Fat to be used for injection is harvested via liposuction, but a little differently as compared to traditional liposuction for body contouring. The surgeon harvests, processes, and injects fat with methods that ensures that most of the fat is preserved and with minimal damage to the tissue. Fresh is always better than frozen.

Fat grafts are both art and science, as with all of plastic surgery. Fat transfer has a certain level of unpredictability as always less than 100% of the fat survives long-term, so touch-ups may be required for some patients. Plastic surgeons typically may perform cosmetic touch-up at one year as needed. Unfortunately, there is not a single best method to guarantee 100% of anything.

Only after a a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Your plastic surgeon can explain his/her specific method of facelift surgery and fat transfer. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

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Facelift following fat transfer or fillers


I would wait until there is no longer any firmness, edema or other healing required following a fat transfer to do a facelift of any type. Typically this occurs 3 or more months following fat transfer. 

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Staging face lift after fat grafting


It is perfectly fine to stage face lift after fat grafting.  Ideally, one would want to avoid elevating the tissues in planes where fat has been grafted, especially as soon 5 weeks post-op.

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Ok to have a face lift after fat transfer?


 I typically fill in the cheeks and facial hollows using fillers or cheek implants because IMHO they have proven more reliable over the past 20 years.  No, fat grafting or transfer can't and won't lift the skin as increasing the fat increases the volume and gravity pulls heavy things down, not up. 

 Having said all of that, the deep plane face lift will undermine the skin a short distance from the front of each ear before going below the deeper SMAS layer.  If this is done alone, the fat placed under the skin farther forward, on your face, should go unmolested.  Just have a frank and clear discussion with the new face lift surgeon so everything is planned out and crystal clear.  Hope this helps.

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Fat grafting after facelift


The key is to make sure the newly injected fat has developed a good circulation and is stable in volume, before doing the facelift operation.  Usually, after 3-4 months, the grafts are in good I'd would recommend waiting at least that time interval before your next surgery.


Best wishes,

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Facelift and Fat Grafting


I often perform facelift surgery along with fat grafting to the face.  There are many benefits to combining these two procedures together as they compiment each other markedly and can lead to dramatic and very natural appearing results. 

In some cases where patients are extremely gaunt, the two procedures can be staged. In these instances, I prefer to perform the facelift first and then perform the fat grafting 3-6 months later. This will all depend on where the fat was place and how much was placed. I like to do it in this order in order to give the fat grafting ample time to take/incorporate with the facial tissues

So in your situation I think it best to wait longer in order to ascertain that the fat grafting takes, and its new blood supply is not disrupted in the early healing phases.  Again, this ultimately depends upon where the fat was injected.

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Facelift after fat grafts


You should wait 3-4 months after the fat grafts to have a facelift because after that time what fat is going to last will stay there are the rest will be mostly gone.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Wait 6 months after Fat Grafting before Facelift-You may need additional Fat Grafting


One thing most Plastic Surgeons agree on is that some of the injected fat does dissolve after grafting. This process takes at least 6 months to become fully evident.

If a per centage of the fat that has been injected into your face does dissolve you may well need additional fat grafting to achieve the look that you desire.

It makes sense, in my opinion, and I would recommend to my patients, to wait at least 6 months to see how the fat grafted areas look. If you need further fat grafting, it would be convenient for you to have the additional grafting done at the time of your facelift. This would save you from having to have an additional third procedure.

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Facelift After Fat Grafting


Susie, you are not going to have a problem with having a facelift now. Most surgeons would wait 3 months to see the result stabilize from your fat grafting, however, doing it now will not have that much of an effect. The Facelift will certainly add to the rejuvenation of your face. Most Plastic Surgeons combine fat grafting with face-lifting in the same setting to achieve a more natural facial rejuvenation.  Without seeing your pictures it is hard to comment on the need for a deep plane facelift.

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Facelift after fat grafting


First I would wait at least 3-6 months before undergoing a faceilift after fat grafting. Second, a deep plane facelift usually treats the upper third of the face and often does not acceptable treat the jowls and neck.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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