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Fat Graft Removal on Upper Eyelids

How is fat graft on upper eyelid removed? I have ptosis in the inner corner of my eyelid as well.

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Fat graft removal from upper eyelids

Fat grafting is extremely effective and powerful technique to recontour and rejuvenate the face. It is possible that after such a surgery, you may notice a small amount of extra fat in certain areas. Keep in mind that whenever we transfer fat from one part of the body to another approximately 20% of it will melt away on its own. For this reason, surgeons commonly add a little bit more fat than we want to remain. Your best bet is to wait at least 6 to 8 months to allow the healing process to complete before assessing the final result. If you still feel that the area is too full, it is possible to remove the excess fat with a small incision and direct excision of the fat or where the injection of a medication that will help the fat contract and shrink.

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Open fat graft removal through small incision possible


Is the ptosis the result of your fat graft? Was your fat graft done by injection or by open fat grafting through an incision?

I am assuming that you have a visible lump caused by fat grafting into the upper eyelid-possibly done by needle injection. These fat grafts can be removed surgically very simply through a small incision-I use a laser- placed in the skin of the upper eyelid.

If your graft is recent, I would simply massage the graft and wait 3-4 months for the graft to dissolve-then yoiu may not need surgery.

I would be happy to review your photos if you email them to me and I can give you a better recommendation. I am most concerned about your ptosis.

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