Do All Breast Implants Look Fake when Lying Down?

I'm looking into BA and I've decided that I want silicone due to a more natural feel when under the muscle (I'm an A cup, so it's going under the muscle), and I think I want anatomical/teardrop because of it's more natural shape... but I was wondering if all breast implants look fake when the woman lies down? That's what I worry about the most. Or does a certain type look less fake than another? Thank you for any answers!

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When an implant is selected well and placed properly, it can be very natural looking and feeling, regardless of whether it is saline or silicone. 

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Do All Breast Implants Look Fake when Lying Down? No

Do All Breast Implants Look Fake when Lying Down? I am generally not a fan of the teardrop or antomic implant except in cases of reconstruction. They are generally textured and have a potential to rotate off axis increasing the potential for asymmetry

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Breast implants can look very natural when lying down

Hi there-

There is no reason you could not have an outcome that you find pleasing in all positions- but I would definitely stay away from anatomic (tear-drop) implants. 

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Breast implants and fake

I certaily would avoid anatomic implants because they do not look that natural especially when they potentially can turn.  Smaller implants with more soft tissue coverage usually look more natural.

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Natural breast augmentation

Placing the implant under the muscle sounds right for you.  Anatomical tear drop or round implants have to be determined by your plastic surgeon.  The silicone implant round smooth is very natural under the muscle and would be my preference. 

With cosmetic enhancement surgery, the goal is to provide balance to the augmentated area.  If a misshaped(tear drop can rotate in the pocket) or overinflated high profile implant extends beyond the anatomic boundaries of the breast, it can look unnatural or fake. When you are lying down, this appearance can be magnified.

So speak with your plastic surgeon, and maybe you can find a provider with a photographic (ie Canfield 3D Vectra) simulation system to give you some idea of a final result.

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All implants do not look fake lying down.

There are several points to be addressed.  First, tear drop/anatomical silicone implants are available in the US only in the highly cohesive/form stable type of silicone.  These implants are not FDA approved and  are only available through plastic surgeons participating in the FDA studies.  Mentor has the CPG implant and Allergan has the style 410 implant.  I think implants look fake when lying down when the pocket is too wide and the implant slips off to the side when the woman lies down.  Keep in mind that most natural breasts also fall to the side when lying down.  However, a pocket that is too wide will exacerbate this.  Too large implants necessitate a wide pocket, so be sure your surgeon chooses an implant which has a diameter that matches your breast width.  Good luck.

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Implants and natural look

If the implant fits your body and tissues, it should look fairly natural when lying down, regardless of which type of implant is placed.  Very large implants are more obvious when lying down.  Going with silicone under the muscle sounds perfect for your body type, and the decision to use an anatomic implant versus a round one needs to determined by your surgeon.  Good luck, /nsn.

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Laying Down With Breast Implants

No, not all women with implants look fake when they lay down.  It all depends on the type of implant used, size, exisiting breast tissue, etc.  Certainly a saline implant overfilled alot will look more fake since it is firmer and does not form a more natural shape.    The anatomical saline implant will not do this either, since they are form stable - they stay the same shape at all times.  When you lay down, you want the implant to flatten some, just like natural breast tissue.  The implant that do the best are usually silicone implants that are not too big and sit in the pocket nicely without too much room to move off to teh sides, etc.

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all breast implants look fake when lying down

NO! it is an appearance event. What you think are fake may look very natural to others. Seek 3 opinions to discuss with you.


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Breast implant appearance when supine

In general, smaller implants tend to preserve the breast shape and look more 'natural'. With some augmentations, excessive dissection was done at the sides of the breast- allowing the implant to slide down the chest wall onto the side of the chest- this looks very unnatural.

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