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Do Facial Expressions over a Period of Time Contribute to Facial Wrinkling?

It has been said that if you frown all the time more unwanted wrinkles will form...and if you smile more, less wrinkles will what role does facial expression have on facial wrinkles?

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Botox works well to prevent wrinkles from forming


Facial expressions have a lot to do with the formation of dynamic wrinkles - those wrinkles we see when we frown, smile, squint etc.  When the muscle under your skin is causing your skin to form and fold in the same way continuously over time, then naturally, a line or wrinkle will appear.  This also has a lot to do with age - older skin does not have the framework to maintain form the same way younger skin does.  Therefore, age and repeated expression work in concert to create lines and wrinkles.  

This does not mean you should freeze your face!  You need to smile and be expressive to lead a normal life.  If the early formation of expression lines are starting to bother you, I recommend using Botox as a starting point.  Many people who have never used Botox are afraid they will look frozen or expressionless.  If injected correctly by a qualified injector - this could not be further from the truth.  In fact, many people who you might consider to be very expressive probably use Botox - you just can't tell.

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