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Under Eye Blue Veins, Skin Thinning, Loss of Fat, and Wrinkles? Only 21 Years Old. (photo)

I am only 21 years old. In the past 3 years it seems as if my skin has been rapidly aging, but more than just fine lines... Underneath my eyes are very large bulging blue veins. Towards the tear ducts are purple/briused looking tiny veins. My eyes look sunken in as if I've lost all fat. Additionally I am starting to have wrinkles. I have tried every product to moisturize, and even conceal but nothing has worked. Attached are two photos of my face now vs. 3 years ago. :( Please help!!!!

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Eye rejuvenation


Although surgical removal of the vein is best, it is not your only option.  Treating this area with a combination of RF and IR treatments (using Elos) technology can assist in creating volume i. He tissue making the vessel slightly less visible.  The treatment of YAG lasers may assist with reducing the vessel however, this area is very sensitive and should only be addressed by a cosmetic physician.  Injections with either fat grafting or HA fillers will allow for thicker tissues in the area reducing the visibility of the vessel.  These may need to be repeated over time (not always with fat grafting but regular injections of HA will be needed).  It's difficult to see the tissue discolouration but there are some topicals that can address pigment.  These must only be administered by a physician and monitored regularly.

Always seek the advice of your cosmetic physician and ensure they are qualified and trained to treat the eye area.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Thin skin, dark circles and volume loss


The vein underneath your eye can be treated with laser, however this is a very sensitive area and if treated by someone without much experience it can cause more problems than good. I would recommend camouflage with makeup. As far as the volume loss and dark pigmentation under your eyes, fillers would be a very good choice to treat the volume loss although they will not take away the dark spots. For hyperpigmentation I usually start out with medical grade skincare products which have shown to be very effective when used consistently.

Sherman Oaks General Surgeon
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Early aging around the eyes


The larger blue veins can be treated by surgical removal or laser.  The dark color under the eyes is due to pigment in the skin itself as well as the thin transparent nature of the skin in this area.  This darkness is very difficult to treat and may persist.  Until we have a better answer to this problem I would recommend camouflage with cosmetics.  Finally, the sunken look around the eyes may respond to soft tissue fillers or fat grafts.   

Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Lasers for Facial Veins


You have Periorbital Reticular Veins which are seen lateral and inferior to your eyes. These can be reduced with a series of Yag laser treatments. However, they can reoccur.

As for your dark circles, since you are only 21, there are a number of possible causes to consider. See your doctor to help with this. Possible causes of dark circles are hereditary factors, allergies, lack of sleep, or loss of volume under the eyes which can cause hollowing or increase the appearance of the vessels in this area. Intense pulsed light therapy treatments can be useful to reduce dark circels, and fillers such as Redensity 11 can be injected to cover the veins, so they are less apparent.

Since you are only 21, first ensure that you are getting enough sleep, and even consider a good dark circle eye coverup, before you do any other aggressive treatments.

Toronto Dermatologist

Vein under the eye


This is quite a sizeable vein under the eye and can be removed surgicaly with 1 or 2 micro puncture wounds which should heal nicely. You should have a plastic surgeon remove that for you because you are so young. This is not a safe area for sclerotherapy.

Web reference:

Buffalo General Surgeon
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Sunken Eyes


The blue vein can be surgicaly removed under local anesthesia.

The sunken eyes If present, then Best to fill with fat. and the pigmentation and fine wrinkles are best treated with CO2 laser resurfacing

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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