Under Eye Bags; Fluid Retention? Fat?

I am a 28 year old male and as the picture shows, I have fairly prominent eye bags that I have been trying to find a way to correct. I went to a Dr. and she said that there not caused by fat hernation, as I had previously thought, as that seems to be the most common cause of eye bags, but some sort of fluid retention. What solutions are available for eye bags that are due to fluid retention and not fat? What might be causing this problem in the first place? Thanks for your help!

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Treatment Plan

From the photograph, it appears you have lost substantial mid-facial tissue, but also have a slight bulging of lower fat pads. Performing a lower eyelid blepharoplasty with only a small amount of fat removal as well as placing filler in the periorbital region would most likely be the treatment of choice. It is difficult to make the accurate decision without evaluating your face in person; you should seek a consultation for an appropriate treatment plan.

I hope you find this helpful.

Hands on examination is necessary.

It is often obvious in a photo to determine the source of the bulginess in the eyelid. In your case, however, I feel its difficult without visualizing the skin surface, and the palpating the give of the tissues, to properly address "fat or fluid".

Although the culprit seems to mainly be lack of midface fat which exposes the orbital fat, some degree of fluid retention cannot be ruled out by this photo.

I would recommend an in person consultation with a surgeon with expertise in surgery and fillers.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Eye bags are caused by a variety of things.

These are not caused by fluid retention.  What we are looking at is the bone of the orbital rim draped by the thin lower eyelid tissue.  You have a very prominent midface groove extending from the corner of the eye out to the side of the face.  What you are missing is deep facial fat in the buccal fat space that helps to support this area.  The best treatment for this is not lower eyelid surgery or midface lifting.  The best treatment is non-surgical in the form of hyaluronic acid fillers, specifically treatment with Restylane and Perlane.  The treatment will last 1-2 years provide you get enough volume.  You need to find a surgeon who does a lot of this sort of treatment.  The liquid face lift website might help you identify someone in your area who can help you with this.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eyelid bags are caused by many things. What is causing my bags?

Lower Eyelid Bags can be caused by many different issues. Sometimes a combination of issues are contributing to the puffy, heavy look of the lower lids. Changes in skin, fluid accumulation, muscle, fat from the eye socket, and changes in the cheek and surrounding structures can all contribute. It is important to have an experienced physician evaluate your eyelids to determine all the changes that need to be addressed to achieve your goals. In many cases, in office procedures can be used to improved the shadowing and baggy appearance of the lid. I commonly use injections such as Restylane, and Voluma in combination with skin rejuvenation to improve the lower eyelids without surgery.

Jeffrey M. Joseph, MD
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Different types of eyelid bags

The photo you submitted seems to show fat herniation. Malar bags or festoons occur under the eyelid on the orbital rim and upper cheek bone. These are caused by fluid retention and may be related to many different medical or surgical causes. In addition, you have a thin face. Removing the fat in the under eye area is likely to make your face seem more gaunt. An alternative may be to use some fat grafts from the abdomen to fill the cheek and lower eyelid region.

Evan Ransom, MD
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How to help under eye bags and malar mounds

The fullness you see beneath the lower lid lashes is orbital fat pushing forward into the lower eyelid space. In some individuals the orbital septum is set a bit forward allowing us to see these "lower eyelid bags" at an earlier age.

This is best addressed with lower lid blepharoplasty and or fat redistribution. It needs to be done very conservatively given your young age.

On the cheeks you have malar mounds and for the best results, these should be addressed at the same time. I have had success using my RESET laser skin resurfacing technique to help improve malar mounds and lower eyelid festoons. 

Hope this was helpful.

Adam Scheiner, MD
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Under eye bags

First off, I have to say that I am a surgeon and I love doing surgery because of the beautiful results achieved with the minimally invasive transconjunctival approach. With that in mind, I would caution you to be weary of anybody who tells you that surgery is your only option. Although surgery may be the most definitive, long-lasting and quality result, there are always other options that can at least improve under eye bags.

These alternative options include fillers when there is volume loss or redistribution and descent. Fillers need to be carefully placed in this area by somebody with experience and expertise. Read: do not go to just anybody offering a deal for this type of filler.

During your consultation, your surgeon should address all of the factors contributing to your under eye bags. Fluid, muscle, and fat, whether it is too much, too little, or just being in the wrong spot, should all be addressed during this evaluation.

To guarantee you're receiving the highest level of care, seek out a dermatologic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who is board certified and fellowship trained in one of these "core four" cosmetic specialties.

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Eye Bags Treatment

Thank you for your pictures.  It does not appear that your bags are caused by anything other than fat herniation.  It is very uncommon for fluid retention to cause this.  Usually fluid retention is transient, improves with aantihistamines or diruetics.  To put your mind at ease, you should consult with an allergist.  From the pictures, I assume your issue is fat herniation.  This is treated well with a minimally invasive blepharoplasty that can be performed from inside the lower eyelid.I would get several opinions from doctors you trust.  I would suggest a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery.  Bets of luck to you! Dr. Pacella

Under Eye Bags

The puffiness you are seeing is caused by fat and can be corrected with a transconjunctival blepharoplasty, a procedure that removes a small amount of fat through the inner aspect of the eyes. A fat transplant in to the adjacent outside area (tear trough) may help to even the area as well. This is done at the same time as the inner fat removal.

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Dr. J

A. Dean Jabs M.D., Ph.D.
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Lower eyelid blepharoplasty

There are many options for lower eyelid concerns, including a blepharoplasty procedure. If you have secondary allergy issues, it would be prudent to seek medical treatment for that condition. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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