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Can You Exercise After Botox or Will It Decrease the Results?

Can You Exercise After Botox  or Will It Decrease the Results

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Dangers of Exercise After Botox


Botox paralyzes the small segment of the muscle into which it is placed. The physician who fully understands the facial anatomy can thereby selectively pick which exact muscle segments he wants to weaken thereby creating a more restful and youthful look. What we try to avoid at all costs of the migration of Botox from the areas we placed them to other areas, most notably the muscle lifting the upper lid. If this were to happen yopu will get a long lasting very tired, droopy upper lid look.  Although the muscle blockade DOES begin shortly after the injection, rubbing and pressure on the injected areas can dislodge the Botox. As a result, many Plastic surgeon warn their patients against rubbing, bending over and exertion for the same reason your mother told you not to play with matches or go swimming after eating; simple understandable instruction that limit potential complications.

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Does exercise decrease the result of BOTOX

I tell my patients to avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours.
This is to avoid increased muscle activity and the rush of blood into the area.
I believe this prevents dispersion and migration of the Botox, which makes it effective and longer lasting.
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Exercise after Botox

 It is probably a good idea to limit your exercise activities for at least 4 hours after the Botox injection. It's important to keep the injection of Botox material into the muscles that it was injected into, and not allow it to disperse the other muscles.

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The Effects of Exercise on Botox and Results


Some patients may be advised by their physicians to avoid strenuous activity right after their procedure. However this period is usually no longer than a day. It is best for individuals to follow the advice and directions of their doctor regarding this time frame.

Aside from this, exercise should have no effect on the performance of Botox.

Botox basically blocks sites on the nerve fibers where acetylcholine is released. This chemical communicates with muscles causing them to contract. The injection essentially targets nerve fibers. So exercise should not effect the performance of Botox.  


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Exercise after Botox


Hi Cory in Chi Town~

The manufacturer recommends no exercise or lying flat for four hours following the administratiion of Botox injections.  This is supposed to create a better outcome.

Best of luck,


Dr. David Alessi

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Exercise after Botox treatments


As other panel members suggested, we recommend that our post-Botox patients avoid exercise and lying flat for four hours following their treatment.  We believe this is not an unreasonable recommendation if it may benefit your outcome and protect your financial investment.  The manufacturer has made this a recommendation as well and whether or not there are "studies" to confirm this does not detract from the possible benefits of adhering to this.

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Yes you can exercise after botox.


Conventional thinking has been to avoid exercise for a few hours, to theoretically minimize any chance of it moving.

Having said that, to the best of my knowledge there are no studies showing it is a concern. Furthermore we have had plenty of anectodal reports from patients who see no interference from exercise.

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How soon can you exercise after Botox injection?


We don’t recommend extensive exercise after Botox injections. i.e. straining or even facials for at least six hours after injections. Exercise will not decrease the results; you just don’t want any manipulation of the injected areas that could potentially lead to the Botox migrating or spreading out further than where you want it.


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Exercising with Botox injections


Exercising the same day as Botox injections is completely fine. You can continue with your normal workout routine after Botox without it interfering with the Botox results.

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Exercise 4 hours after Botox is not detrimental


The standard advice, although there is no clinical study to investigate this to-date, is not to exercise for four hours after Botox.  In addition we suggest not to bend over or lie flat for this time as well. These recommendations are to minimize the theoretical risk of allowign the Botox to diffuse to other areas.  Once the Botox binds to the neuromuscular junctions, there is no reason that exercise would interfere with its good effect. If however, you have any unusual reaction, severe swelling or bruising after Botox, which is extremely rare, then you should avoid exercise until after the reaction subsides and discuss this with your doctor.

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