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Ematrix or Thermage for stretch marks?

If one was looking to have some old stretch marks removed, what would be the better choice, Ematrix or Thermage? What are the differences between Ematrix and Thermage in terms of pain level during the procedure?

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Stretch Mark improvement choices


Stretch marks are very difficult to treat, so to think they can be fully removed with any nonsurgical procedure will set you up for disappointment.

For improvement, you need to think in terms of "progressive action".  A fractional resurfacing treatment like eMatrix is a viable choice to help blend the normal skin with the scarred skin. Fractional lasers allow areas to be treated that otherwise could not be treated with full surface ablation.

To see improvements, you need to commit to a series of treatments over an extended period of time to spur new collagen growth and hopefully cause some pigment migration. If you have skin with a pigmentation level that would mean you could see post treatment hyperpigmentation, then you also need to use pigment suppressing products. Otherwise you could see dark areas against the stretch mark making them appear even more prominent.

Thermage is a skin tightening procedure and won't have the ability to actually affect a stretch mark.

As to pain levels, eMatrix and other fractional modalities can be of varying energy levels which affect personal pain tolerance.


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