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Will Electric Stimulation Machines Help Firm Facial Muscles?

What do you think about using an electrical stimulation machine to firm up facial muscles? I'm on a facial exercise regimen - which I'm going to try for 4 mos & I also have a electrical muscle stimulator - which I'm using on my facial muscles - we'll see what happens.

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Electrical Stimulation (e-stim) for muscle growth or muscle bulk or as as substitute for resistance exercise


Electrical stimulation has been used to maintain muscle growth/volume to prevent atrophy in cases of denervation (nerve injury) or when resistance is eliminated (zero gravity enviroments that occurs with astronauts) but it is my understanding that it has not been successful in enhancing muscle growth or bulk.

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Facial exercises

Although most muscles in the body benefit from exercise and can tone and tighten with exercise or electrical stimulation, the facial muscles are an exception.  We are all familiar with the lines on the face being caused by movement and expression.  Crows feet from smiling, forehead lines from frowning and deepening nasolabial lines from expression.  Even the lines around the mouth are caused from puckering.  Botox smooth and improves the lines by paralyzing muscles and preventing movement.  Exercising or stimulating the muscles of the face can cause lines to become more prominent and deeper while having little tightening effect.
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Will electrical stimulation to help firm facial muscles

 Electrostimulation of the muscles may temporarily help muscle tone, however is not going to give a face lift type effect. A comprehensive face/neck lift will address tightening excess facial and neck skin, tighten loose neck and facial muscles surgically, and remove a fat deposits in the neck. The aging process involves skin, muscle, and fat in the face and neck and that is the reason that a facelift would have a better result. For many examples of face lifting results in our practice, please see the link below

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Electric Stimulation and the Aging Process


When your facial muscles become lax the only way to reliably lift them is via surgical facelift and or neck lift. If you are looking for a true lift, other measures are not going to work for a fully corrected result. 

I don't personally believe in stimulators. These machines are often used in rehabilitation of muscles and nerves after injury, but they will not work to reverse sagging of muscles due to aging. Surgery is truly the best way to lift muscles that have sagged. 

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Electrical stimulation and exercises aren’t going to reverse the aging process.


Although electrical stimulation machines are beneficial during physical therapy for healing after injury or trauma, that’s not the same thing as improving muscle looseness that naturally occurs with age. There will always be a marketed alternative to surgery that’s tempting, but unfortunately the ad campaign isn’t necessarily reflective of its efficacy. At this point, the only real solution for improving the major signs of aging through the face and neck is to surgically tighten the muscles and remove excess skin and tissue for smoother contours.

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Electrical Stimulation of Facial Muscles?


Electrical stimulation of facial muscles has a role in physiotherapy or rehabilitation of facial nerve traumas, but will not reverse or prevent facial aging. Although you may comments or ads about the value of this treatment, here is no valid scientific evidence that it will successfully rejuvenate the face. Repetitive muscle stimulation or facial exercises actually add to the development of wrinkles and creases.

I would suggest that you find a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ideally a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) that you trust and are comfortable with. You should discuss your concerns and options for valid rejuvenation procedures, surgical as well as non-surgical, with that surgeon in person.

Robert Singer, MD FACS

La Jolla, California

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Facial Firming and Lifting with Electrical Stimulation


It would be easy to prove any beneficial effects of electrical stimulation of either facial muscles or facial skin by simply treating one side of the face until a noticeable difference in appearance was evident. So if this treatment actually worked, there would be plenty of unbiased scientific support behind it. However, this is not the case that I'm aware of. I have not seen any peer-reviewed, unbiased studies without conflict-of-interest relationships with the equipment manufacturer. Until those studies are done and confirm benefit, you nor anyone else should believe the claims.

However, it is true that facial creases (crow's feet, forehead lines, frown lines, etc.) are deepened by repeated muscle contraction -- so that, in effect, when you over-exercise your facial muscles, you over-exercise your facial wrinkles and creases. This is at least something to factor into what might seem like a harmless treatment.

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Non surgical facelift


I generally say that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Although I do not have first hand knowledge about this treatment,  I would definitely consult a board certified plastic surgeon to get a more thorough answer.  Best of luck.

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Electrical stimulation of facial muscles


Stimulation of facial muscle exercises will not have any firming of facial muscles. In fact, its the repetetive overcontraction which is responsible for deep creases. Physical therapists use TENS units to stimulate other muscles mainly in rehab and nerve injury.

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Electric Stimulation for Muscle Tone or Bulk


The "stim" or "e-stim" treatments often used in physical therapy or rehab medicine are meant to help in patients with nerve injuries. These may keep up muscle bulk while a partially damaged nerve is regenerating. To my knowledge, there is not convincing evidence of other uses.

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