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What's the Downtime for Breast Implant Removal and Lift?

I am 54 and have had my Saline Breast Implants for 14 years. I want to remove them. I think I need a Breast Lift because I've gained weight. What's the down time with doing this?

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Restrictions, activity, downtime and return to work follow)ing breat impant removal (explantation) and lift (mastopexy


This will take about 3-5 days off of work before returining to a desk job. About 3 weeks before resuminfg low impact exercise and 6 weeks before unrestricted activity and 6-9 months before the breastsassume their long term stable apppearance.

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Recovery from lift after implant removal


The recovery of a lfit varies but most people can go back to desk work within a week or so.  Exercise or heavy lifting will need to put off for several weeks more.

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Recovery time


Recovery after surgery happens in phases with the initial phase being most important. That phase involves the first few days where you may not be able to do all your daily activities. Each patient is different and each surgery has different recovery timeline. For breast implant removal and lift the typically initial recovery phase before you return to daily activities and light duty work such as driving to work and doing desk work is about 3-5 days. Discuss your specific situation with your surgeon before having surgery.

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Recovery after breast implant removal and breast lift


It surprises most patients that recovery after a breast lift is easier than after breast augmentation.  Recovery time for simply removing an implant is quite quick, patients are able to drive a car and return to work in 1-2 days.  If a breast lift is performed at the same time,  the recovery time is still quite quick, may be 2-3 days for some mild activities.  Of course returning to the gym should be postponed for 7-10 days.

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Breast Lifting


Dear Tryingsohard

Recovery from surgery is quite variable from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient. With optimal nutrition and supplements as well as good pain control- we have our patients back to their normal activities in 24 to 48 hours. Your energy level may not be completely normal for one week.

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