Double Chin Exercises

not so sure understand why the opinions of doctors on here is that double chin exercise is not possibel... wouldnt getting thinner and stronger neck muscles tighten and eventually reduce the appearance of the chin fat... So depressed if my double chin is here to stay unless i get surgery! no disrespect to the doctors here!

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Double chin exercises


Your best bet for making your double chin go away is to arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Double chins are caused by fat, for which the solution is liposuction or weight loss. If the platysma is loose it should be tightened with a playtsmaplasty. In our practice we prefer a Neck-Lace.

Don't waste your money or hopes on quackery.

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Correcting a Double Chin with Exercise


As regards "double chin exercise is not possibel.." - I am ASSUMING you are NOT asking if one CAN exercises neck muscles (of course they can) but rather, if doing so (by themselves or a variety of devices hawked on TV would reverse a double neck or a Turkey Gobbler Deformity or a Double Pillars Deformity.

A Young neck has a minimal amount of fat the hides the edges of the muscles giving the neck smooth, sharp outlines. The thin muscle that extents from the upper chest to the lower jaw - the Platysma is firmly attached to the underlying deeper muscles creating an acute angle between the line of the jaw and the line of the anterior neck. As fat accumulates in front or behind the platysma, as there is excess neck skin and as the platysma becomes detached and falls forward the ACUITY of the neck is lost and is replaced with an older appearing OBLIQUE angle.

NO EXERCISES will pull the platysma back and re-glue it to the underlying muscles (especially where the jaw line meets the neck). No exercise will shrink excess skin either.

So - if you prefer to get neck version of the "thigh master" or of "the abdominizer" - go ahead. But it will be a disappointment and a waste of your money.

To get a youthful skin you will need an experienced Plastic surgeon to determine which are the features responsible for your particular deformity and do the appropriate operation to fix it : Liposuction by itself, liposuction with a neck lift, or Face and Neck Lift.

Dr. P. Aldea

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Double Chin Exercises


First, it is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as loosing weight in a certain spot aka “spot reduction”. The human body likes to lose weight in an even manner, for the most part. So, unfortunately, exercises that you might be doing specific to the chin and neck region will do nothing to lessen the amount of fat in that area. If you are you are on a rigorous exercise program involving all areas of the body, with both cardio and weights, there is a good chance that the fat in the area under the chin will lessen (and other parts of your body will improve as well, another benefit of exercising!). That being said, if you are sick and tired of exercising, and have not seen much improvement, I would recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon to consider submental liposuction. Good luck!

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Double Chin Exercises vs. Neck Surgery


While it is unlikely that any form of exercise can make a big difference in your neck shape,, I see nothing wrong with going on an exercise program to see what happens. Many books and devices exist that provide instruction for 'tightening the neck'. If it produces enough change that you are satisfied, then good for you. If it does not, then you have proven that surgery is the only option. It certainly does not have any negative effect on future surgery should you decide to go that route.

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Double chin exercises don't work

 There are 3 components in the neck  that lead to the aging process. These are skin muscle and fat. Depending upon the age of the patient, there may be inelastic skin in the neck which must be treated with face/neck lift, not a neck lift. There are fatty deposits above and below the platysma muscle in the neck which have to be removed with a combination of liposuction and direct sculpting surgically. The platysma neck muscles also tend to bowstring  and become fibrotic with the aging process and must be surgically tightened in the submental area and released at the thyroid area if the bands are starting to show through the skin. Double chin exercises will have no benefit whatsoever in rejuvenation of the neck. For many examples of what a neck lift can accomplish in our practice, please see the link below to our neck lift photo  gallery

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Anatomy may be working against you


some people just have a low hanging hyoid bone that is low and anterior making it difficult to create a well defined jaw, chin and neck. Additionally if you don't have a strong projected chin and jaw this works against you as well. In these instances no amount of exercise, weight loss, etc. will change the way that looks significantly. Also if you are approaching the age of 50 or 60 there are two large salary glands under the jaw that start to show themselves or sag and creates even more fullness under the jawline which is very difficult to treat short of cutting them out which I don't recommend.


I hope that is helpful


Chase Lay, MD

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Double Chin Exercises


There are no exercises to get rid of double chin. Liposuction is a less expensive option & has a short recuperation period.


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Chin exercises don't help fat deposits


Exercise will, sad to say, not provide any benefit to that double chin. If the skin isn't loose or redundant, chin liposuction is an inexpensive procedure with a short recuperation period. I generally recommend that patients considering this surgery opt for it during winter months when any bruising can be covered with attractive scarves or turtlenecks. If the skin is lax, then consideration should be given to neck lift, which can achieve excellent results.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Double Chin exercises plus or minus


There are two main layers of fat in the neck;

The fat under the skin, which will fluctuate with weight gain or loss.

The fat under the muscle layer- the subplatysmal layer, which has been shown to be there even in starvation victims.

Working the muscles out will only cause the platysma muscle to be come more visible and contribute to the bands in the front of the neck.

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Weight loss can reduce chin fat but chin exercises cannot change double chin deformity


Neck or chin fat alone can cause a double chin, and loss of this fat by liposuction or weight loss can help reduce the double chin.

But many people who do not have excess neck fat still have a double chin. This is caused by the shape of their chin bone, neck muscles and the cartilages and bone in the "Adams apple" area and skin laxity of the skin under the chin.

Tightening the neck muscles with exercises can theoretically improve neck muscle tone although with these small muscles of facial expression it would be very difficult to place an adequate load on the muscle to create muscle hypertrophy.

Most commonly fat removal and tightening of the neck skin is required to improve the double chin.

In the past a Neck Lift was required to tighten neck skin. However , new Laser Assisted Liposuction using SlimLipo or others, will help tighten the neck skin that is partly causing the double chin.

In some people with a small chin (microgenia) or retrusive chin (Micrognathia) only a chin implant or jaw advancement will help the neck profile.

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