Butt is Hard After Brazilian Butt Lift

I had a brazilian butt lift done a week ago. My butt feels hard as a rock.it also looks kind of flat.Im happy with the results to the moment but my butt feels hard and looks kind of flat in the middle part of both cheeks. Im afraid it will stay like this. should i massage them?

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Butt Shape After Brazilian Butt Lift

It is fairly common for your buttock to not look right in the first few weeks however, as the swelling subsides, you should start seeing your true body contour and buttock shape forming. I am a firm believer in massage after this surgery, especially in the surrounding areas.  Ity is also important to wear padding under your garment in select areas to imorove and speed up the healing process. Hopefully, your surgeon released some of the skin attachments when adding fat to your buttocks. This is important to allow the buttock to accomodate the fat and to have a round and natural appearance.

Good luck.

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Brazilian Butt Lift - Fresh Postop

Short Answer: As with any surgery, there will be some short term post operative changes that should subside with time.

Long Answer: With any surgery, there is always some degree of postoperative edema (swelling) in the area worked upon. So too, with a large volume fat transfer, there will be some degree of tightness as you are expanding the area, in this case the buttocks. This firmness you are feeling should regress after about 4-6 weeks. 

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Buttocks are hard after Brazilian Butt lift augmentation

The middle portion of the buttock is often the firmest and requires the most augmentation to achieve the maximal projection. Therefore, it is quite common for it to feel hard and firm in the early stages of buttock augmentation (first 6 weeks). Thereafter, the area in between the buttocks and just above it remain the most swollen for 3-6 months, Massage using MLD technique may be helpful but have this done if permitted by your surgeon.

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