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Can I Have Restylane Injections with Crohns Disease and Psoriasis?

I have both Crohns Disease and Psoriasis. I am a poor candidate for Restylane? Please reply immediately. I am scheduled for an injection tomorrow morning and I am very nervous.

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Any injectable filler in the setting of an auto-immune disease can cause a problem


Restylane is not contraindicated with Crohns disease or psoriasis, but any injectable filler in the setting of an auto-immune disease can cause a problem. Treatments like Restylane should be done with caution and preferably when the disease is not active and is under control.

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Facial fillers and crohn's disease


I always recommend that patients with medical problems such as yours to discuss these issues with your GI or medical doctor first. 

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Restylane injections with Crohns disease and psoriasis


A  non medical treatment is not always needed if you are a true Crohn's patient. PLEASE, discuss with your GI doctor first! If you have a written medical clearance from this doctor than I would treat. From MIAMI Dr. B

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This requires a frank and open discussion with your physician.


Dear Poopsie

Drs. Placik and Oppenheim are correct.  The immunosuppression that is sometimes used to treat these conditions may raise a concern with regard to treatment.   However, your medical conditions are not among those conditions for which these treatments should be specifically avoided.  It simply comes down to a judgement call between you and your physician.  If you are seeing an ethical injector, they will discuss your medications with you.  They may advise you that you are potentially at a high risk for a localized skin infection or reaction to treatment.  Depending on the details of your health status, they might even recommend deferring treatment if your disease activity is in a flare.  I have treated stable patients with your health issues without problems.  However, this is a call you and your healthcare provider will make based on how you are doing.  

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Restylane and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's)


IF you are acitvely experiencing an acute flare of IBD and on medications, I would consider deferring your treatment until you are in remission.

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Probably Not a Problem


This should not be a problem with one possible proviso. If you are on an immunosupress ive medication, such as one of the biologics, I would not advise Restylane injections. If you are on one of the immunosupressive it would be important to mention this to your physician. 

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Restylane injection in a patient who has Crohn's and psoriasis


There is no direct concern between injecting the filler and having the intestinal disease, Crohn's, or psoriasis. Co-existent diseases can worsen the immune system and the risk of complications theoretically increase because of this.

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