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Can I Create a Monolid (Mono Lid)?

I have double eyelids. I want to look more asain. I realize that creating a genuin single lid might not be possible(if it is though, please tell me about it), but I wonder, if with surgery, I could have the skin at the INNER corners above my eyes, pulled down and "set" there so to speak? I can do it with my fingers, but the skin won't stay there.

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Asian eyelids, Double eyelid surgery,epicanthal fold


Asian eyelids do not have a connection between the skin and eyelid muscle/tarsus. This is created to achieve a double eyelid . This can be "disconnected" and a "mono" eyelid should ressult. However, the corner is not affected, this is an epicathal fold. It can be altered but that requires a scar in this area. 

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Asian eyelids versus caucasian eyelids


There are actually a number of specific anatomic differences between the Asian eyelid and the Caucasian eyelid.  Both eyelids have their own beauty and appeal.  

Unfortunately, there isn't a predictable method that I'm aware of for making a Caucasian eye into an Asian eye. Trying to "dis-insert" the structures that create the "double lid" has not been reliable....sorry.

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WIthout at least photos-very hard to answer.


Generally it is impossible to remove the double fold in a predictable fashion.  So it is likely that what you can accomplish with manipulating the eyelids with your fingers cannot be accomplished with surgery.

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