My Third Bbl, How Long Before I Can Sit?

ok I had a third transfer done not that it wasn't done correctly but that I felt that I still had some fat around the flanks and bra area and I wanted a bigger rounder butt ..... now do I still have to wait before I can sit on it the transfer was done to the sides like the hip area

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My Third Bbl, How Long Before I Can Sit?

Thank you for your question . 

2 weeks is the minimum time you should wait , if you have to because of work reasons you can use a boppy pillow not to put too much pressure in your buttocks. 

Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and great reviews in your procedure.

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Sitting after a BBL

I usually have patients wait about 2 weeks or so to sit on their buttocks but not to keep pressure on the area for too long and move around a lot.

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No sitting for 3 weeks after revision BBL

I recommend no sitting for 3 weeks after the primary BBL or after revision BBL.  Good luck and hope youre happy with your results this time!

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My Third Bbl, How Long Before I Can Sit?

    I would ask your surgeon, as recommendations will vary. 




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Grafts Still Need Protection

I am sorry that you feel that your procedure has not been successful to date.  The grafts non the less need to be protected.  I usually recommend 3 weeks of no sitting.  

Dr. ES

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BBL and sitting

Fat transfer involves live cells and we want them to live. So sitting or any type of pressure can damage the cells. I have patients stay off their grafted areas for about 2 weeks. If the grafts were placed on the side of the hip, sitting is probably ok.

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Third BBL

Yes.  It doesn't matter if this is your first or third fat grafting procedure.  It is still a graft and if you want the fat cells to survive, you need to do all the right things.

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