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Cost for Otoplasty for One Ear to Correct a Slight Lop Ear (Age 6)

average cost in Altanta to correct a slight lop ear deformity on one ear. Our 6 year old son will already be under general anthes. for removal of a Nevus Sabaceous of Jassadohn on the back of his head. Just curious on how much extra it will be having them fix his ear will be while he is already under. The removal of the nevus is medically necessary, as it can turn into basal cell carcimona on him later on. His lop ear is not bad, he just missing a small peice of cartilage on the outer ring.

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Six years old may be too young for Otoplasty Surgery.

In general, Otoplasty Surgery is performed on children 7 yrs. or older: usually after your child starts school. You could certainly consult a board certified facial plastic surgeon to see whether this combination procedure would be feasible for your son. You can get a list of local board-certified physicians at

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Lop ear repair cost

This question is almost impossible to answer, as a lot of it depends on your insurance.  You can ask your surgeon to see if he can get the otoplasty part covered by insurance.  If not, you'll probably have to pay out of pocket.  If it's just one ear and a small procedure, I wouldn't imagine any surgeon charging very much. The good thing is that since your son is already going under general anesthesia for a medically necessary procedure, insurance will cover most of the anesthesia/OR which is usually pretty expensive.  

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All is favor say Ear...

To correct a congenital ear deformity a 6 year old most likely has to undergo general anesthesia.  The child should also be evaluated by and ENT doctor, who will obtain a hearing test to ensure no functional components are effected. 

If you haven't already done so check with your insurance company .  The congenital deformity may covered by your insurance company and a local Otolaryngologist. 

If not covered understand the cost will include anesthesia, operating room fees and surgeons cost.  I cannot speak for your region but for NC is begins at about 2k.



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Lop ear repair.

Lop ear is treated using a variety of approaches ranging from cartilage flaps to grafts. The cost will depend on the technique and the time. Contact your pediatric plastic surgeon and request a quote as well as a predetermination of benefits letter to your insurance carrier.

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