Cost for Replacing Encapsulated Breast After 11 Years of Implants? (photo)

Hi... I awoke the other morning to an encapsulated breast.... maybe I'm oblivious but I truly had no warning signs. I went to see the doctor who originally did the surgery and am shocked at the cost. He wants to replace with high profile... I now have low profile 360cc filled to 395cc. He wants to re-do my breast lift as well. Can someone please tell me what the estimated cost would be in Orange County, Ca. Encapsulated breast is the left one. Thank you so much.

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Cost for Replacing Encapsulated Breast After 11 Years of Implants?


After reviewing the one posted photo I would offer this surgery in the range of $8,000 to $10,000 depending if use of saline vs silicone. Hope that helps 

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Costs of Surgery



The cost can vary from doctor to doctor, and from community to community.  It is legal and appropriate to bill insurance for the capsulectomy portion of the surgery, which might reduce the cost of the rest of the surgery, as well.  But the bottom line is you have a very common, but complex problem to fix. Looking for the lowest price is begging for a subsequent problem, or just general dissatisfaction with your surgical result.

Data is very clear when looking at complications after complex surgeries of other types: Good outcome is more likely and directly linked to the surgeon/hospital that does many of those procedures. The reality is that those of us that do these revision surgeries all the time are likely to be better trained, properly certified, and highly experienced in doing these surgeries, and that we will also likely not be inexpensive.

There are a number of options that can be entertained that will have an effect on your overall cost, and this can be discussed during a consultation.  Just one note, high profile implants will perpetuate the 'ball in sock' appearance you have now, and not provide any potential benefit to shape or 'perkiness', as so many (patients and surgeons) believe it does.

Best of luck.

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Implant replacement and lift


The cost of a breast lift and implant replacement will vary from region to region.  The fees listed below are about right.

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Cost for implant replacement with capsular contracture


If your breasts were soft until you just woke up this morning with a firm breast, I would try saving surgery as a last resort.  I would recommend ultrasound treatments and Accolate as well as compression and Vit E for a few weeks to see if you could get some softening.  Have you had a recent illness? Sometimes a bacterial infection can get in your blood stream and settle around the implant.  The charges for capsulectomy & implant exchange will vary depending on whether you choose saline or silicone and if you re-do your lift- and that would be discussed at a consultation.  However the ranges quoted thus far are pretty typical.  Good luck!

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Breast Surgery Costs


Looking at your photos, I think that you would probably need a bilateral implant exchange with the left capsulectomy along with a full breast lift. Every area of the country is different in terms of pricing. At my practice, a surgery like this would range from $7000 to $9000 depending on the type of implant.

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Breast revision


Revision surgery of the breast is more involved than the primary surgery.  This requires more time in surgery and generally speaking a more experienced surgeon. Operating room and anesthesia costs are time dependent.
Although we all have to deal with economic realities bargain shopping for a revision surgery is a mistake. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with significant experience in revision breast surgery when making your decision. The Realself portal has a link which can tell you the pricing for this type of surgery.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful

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Breast capsules


the surgery you need done is pretty involved.  It requires removal of the capsules most likely, along with a lift and new implants.  Silicone gel will be more costly than saline.  I would expect I would charge you a total of between 8000 and 9000 dollars.

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Capsular contracture treatment


You have sagged a little since your original implants. A little lift would be an improvement but not absolutely necessary. My first approach would be a closed capsulotomy (squeeze) which I do for nothing on previous patients. There's a 50/50 chance of correcting it in less than a minute without needing any surgery at all. If successful it requires an intensive program of massage by you for 2 or 3 months to maintain the correction. Most young plastic surgeons are not trained in this simple and effective manoever; and many are afraid of unintended consquences but there is nothing to fear. It works, it's simple and it's cheap! The worse thing that could happen is you need a revision surgery anyway. An open capsulotomy with remove & replace of larger salines would be $4741 at Lake Tahoe Plastic Surgery and a nipple lift at the same time would add $1400. Gel implants cost $1000 more.

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Each practice is different but a range would be around $6,700-$9,000 depending if your getting a lift  or what kind of implants your getting. Good luck.

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