Cost to Fix Capsular Contracture?

How much is the average price to fix capsular contracture in Long island ny? Same surgeon who did the original surgery, only the left side & silicone implants, I know costs are different I'm just trying to get an idea. Thank you!

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Costs to fix capsular contracture


Each office will have a different policy regarding revisions. Speak with your surgeon and/or office manager to clarify the potential fees. Since the surgeon wants to ensure your happiness, I am sure that you will be able to reach a mutually fair price.

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Capsular Contracture Surgery


Thank you for your question.

Every office is different with how they treat revisionary surgery.  Sometimes the surgeon will waive or reduce the surgeon's fee but there are always OR fees / supplies (new implant)/ and anesthesia fees associated with having a revision procedure.

Best Wishes!

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Not all capsular contractures are created equal!


Capsular contracture is a dreaded sequela of breast implant surgery that unfortunately cannot be prevented in some cases.  National rates are often quoted near 15%.  It can be a very difficult problem to treat.

There are many variations in capsular contracture ranging from mild cases to severe cases.  Based on this treatment approaches are going to vary widely.  Implants will usually need to be replaced.  Consideration to a new pocket location will need to be considered.  Will the entire capsule be removed?

Based on what needs to be done it could take an hour in the OR or 3 hours.  Thus, prices are going to vary quite considerably for surgeon's fees, OR facility fees, anesthesiologist fees, implant fees etc...

I would suggest meeting with several board certified plastic surgeons who focus their practice on breast surgery and revisions to get advise on what needs to be done as well as cost.

Good luck!

Evan Sorokin


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Cost of capsular contracture surgery


The cost would depend upon what surgery is proposed.  If it is just to correct the capsule and re-insert the same implant, that is obviously less expensive than to remove and replace the implant with a new one, particularly with a silicone implant.  Generally, the surgeon who performed the initial surgery will have the lowest price as an accomodation.  The cost of the surgery and facility, not including a replacement implant, would be $4500 in my practice.

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