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Notably Uneven Jaw/Face, Flared Nostrils/Prominent Nose. Which Procedures Would You Prioritize? (photo)

I am discontent with my face and done many attempts to harmonize it's uneveness only to end up with more prominent uneveness. I would like procedures that might help harmonize it more but don't know which to choose and prioritize. Main concerns: 1.- A nose that seems too prominent for my face with long, flared thick nostrils. 2.- A completely asymmetrical face, probably due to one side of my cranium being more developed or what might seem as an asymmetrical rotation of my cranium.

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Rhinoplasty candidate


Dear Copenhagen1, Some facial asymmetry is common in most patients and some patients have more asymmetry then others. Personally I use a facial imaging computer during consultation which allows the patient to see the changes which would be made by the proposed surgery prior to their procedure. In your case I think if you focused on a rhinoplasty to reduce your tip and narrowing the nostrils would help your facial aesthetics and bring more harmony to your face. I also think you may benefit from a chin augmentation and some slight malar enhancement via fat transfer. You need to make sure that these procedures are done in a natural manner to provide the proper aesthetics. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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