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How Long Will Redness After CO2 Laser Persist?

I had CO2 Laser done a month ago. My doctor "forgot" to tell me that I should use a skin lightener on the second week of recovery. Now, I was told to become aggressive in the treatment of the hyperpigmentation. I am using Phaze 13, hydroquinone, and tretinoin. My face is so dry and flaky. The skin appears red still but the brown has faded a lot. Problem now is the redness is still red, but lighter. How long will this redness persist? Make-up will not hide it.

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Redness after CO2 can persist for a few months

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Hi Cinderella--Worst case scenario is probably 6 months. Something to consider is the irritation from the topical products that you are using. Irritation from the products is most likely prolonging the course. You should talk to your doctor about changing products or adding something to sooth and moisturize the skin. Take care, Dr. Groff

San Diego Dermatologist
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Redness following CO2 laser

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Often, the fractional co2 laser will have to be followed by a series of pulse dye laser treatments to reduce the redness.  The redness is a positive sign of continued neocollagenesis.

Dr. Karamanoukian

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Redness after laser treatment

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First of all, you need to know that everyone is somewhat different in their response to the CO2 laser. Most patients I treat see a significant reduction in redness by four weeks or 6 at the latest. This, in your case, is complicated by the retin-A which will cause some redness of its own. This is also the reason for the dryness and flakiness. I would continue to avoid the sun, apply sunscreen and ask your doc how much longer you need to be on the retin-A.

Robert Frank, MD
Munster Plastic Surgeon
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