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Can I Close Normal Ear Piercings?

I got my ears pierced when I was younger. I have recently noticed that they are extremely uneven. I have tried to ignore it, but it bothers me a lot. Would it be possible to close the holes and get them re-pierced? If so, how much would it cost?

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Repair of stretched or uneven earlobe holes

This happens all the time.  Holes can be uneven.  Holes can stretch over time, or are stretched after trauma, (kids pulling on earrings).  We close these holes often under local anesthesia in the office. Give your local facial plastic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon a call.

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Ear piercing


closing expanded holes from ear piercings is a simple procedure that can easily be performed in the office under local anesthesia. please call a board certified plastic surgeon

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Closing Ear Piercings


Yes, it is absolutely possible to have the holes from ear piercings closed and then re-pierced after several weeks to months.  The technique in large part depends in part on how large the holes are and where the holes are positioned.  It could be as simple as cutting an ellipse of skin around the hole or more complex where more manipulation may be required.  The cost will vary depending on where you are located, how much manipulation is necessary, and if it is one sided or two.  Regarding re-piercing, I usually wait a minimum of two months before I do this procedure.

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How Simple Is It To Close Pierced Earlobe Holes


Earlobes have a limited amount of skin and they have a shape that requires all the skin present for one earlobe to look like the other.  To remove an ear piercing hole, one often takes enough skin to distort the earlobe. 


I often take symmetrical wedges out of each earlobe and that way, keep the size exactly the same by incorporating the piercing within the wedge on each side.  Whenever you take a wedge out of an earlobe, to prevent denting at the edge of the earlobe, you need to do a tongue and groove pattern similar to the way old fashioned, fine furniture was made. 


Once the wound is healed, usually about six to eight weeks after closure, I use the Duffy Ear Piercer.  This is an excellent and little talked about plastic surgery tool made by Michael Duffy, M.D. and available commercially.  The repierced hole should be filled with a gold post with a relatively small gold ball fronting it.  The gold stud should be left in for approximately ten days.  It should be spun at least every other day, and washed gently with a very mild soap each day, but never removing it from the ear.  I normally do not allow my patients to use heavy earrings after an earlobe repair for about three months to allow significant wound healing and prevention of stretching of the newly healed tissue.



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Cost of closing ear piercings


Thank you for the question. The average cost is $600-$1200. It depends whether its one side or both. The procedure is performed in the office under local anesthesia. The results are usually very good. Patient satisfaction is very high

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Options for repair of stretched earlobes, split earlobes, and earlobe holes


Earlobe piercing holes can be easily repaired as an outpatient procedure in my plastic surgery practice.  I have developed a safe surgical technique that facilitates the closure of the ear piercing holes and helps obtain a cosmetic scar. 

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Repairing earlobes


Most earlobe repairs can be done under local anesthesia in an office setting.  It is simply a matter of cutting out the old hole and allowing the tissue to heal for a few weeks.  After that, the new piercing can be performed.


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Repairing ear piercing hole


The desire to redo an ear piercing hole is not uncommon.  Many times I will just remove the anterior or front hole and repair with a few sutures.  Other times, if the hole is excessively wide the entire hole is excised and repaired in front and back

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Closing ear lobe piercings


Ear lobe piercings are commonly closed with a miner procedure done in the office with local anesthetic.  The procedure takes appoximately 15 minutes.  If the hole is near the edge of the ear lobe a small wedge is removed and repaired.  If the hole is centrally placed a "donut shaped exision  and repair "can be performed preserving the edge of the lobe and avoiding a step off deformity.

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Repairing ear piercing

Yes this is a commonly done procedure. We use a small amount of xylocaine injection to numb the area make a small incision up to the old whole area and then close the area of incision with a suture. The sutures remain in for approximately a week and the area heals quite quickly as far as redness or visualization of the incision. However you do need to wait a few months for them to be completely healed inside and out before properly repiercing them. Best regards

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