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Stiff, Lumpy Neck 2.5 Weeks After Chin Liposuction

I had chin liposuction 2.5 weeks ago. I've been to the surgeon he says the symptoms are normal but I would just like a reality check. My neck area is extremely stiff, lumpy, hard and numb. I am wearing the head band most of the day and all evening but am going back to work on Monday. For how long do I still need to wear the band in the evenings? I am massaging the area once a day in the bath for about 10-15 minutes. Is that enough? Tx

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Stiff, lumpy neck 2 weeks after Liposuction should improve with massage and chin strap


Numbness, small lumps and a stiff feeling in the neck skin is not unusual 2 weeks after Chin or Neck Liposuction. Moist heat, massage and wearing the Chin Strap or Compression Garment is the best therapy.

If the skin irregularities or lumps get smaller after you massage and are getting better then chances are they will disappear. Most of these small irregularities are gone by six weeks. Numbness can take much longer to resolve as nerves heal very slowly.

Any lumps that persist longer than 2-3 months are likely areas of fat that were missed during the Chin or Neck Liposuction.

If this occurs a secondary or revision liposuction may be necessary, but wait 6 months.

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Lumpy neck is normal after liposuction


You should expect things to improve for at least the next 4-6 MONTHS!  Give it time.  Wear your compression garment as your surgeon has instructed, and consider asking your surgeon about lymphatic massage.

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Chin Liposuction


At 2.5 weeks, swelling will be present, and you will need compression for at least 6 weeks.  Healing in the neck is not fast, and takes time to completely heal.  A gentle massage for 1-2 minutes 3-4 times a day should help you smooth out the area.

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Liposuction and postop expectations


You can areas of firmness and numbness after liposuction.  I would recommend massaging the areas 3-4 x a day.  You should wear your compression garment for 4-6 weeks.  Review your postoperative instructions with your plastic surgeon.

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REALITY CHECK: YES lumpy neck 2-3 weeks after lipo is not unusual


It is very common for the neck to be lumpy at 2-3 weeks after surgery and remain so for up to 6 weeks. Some doctors advocate the use of massage or manual lymphatic drainage but check with your surgeon first.

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