Chin Implant Rejection

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty and a chin implant procedure in 1999. I had to have the chin implant removed three weeks post-op due to rejection. It's obviously been several years now, and I would still like to do something about my "weak" chin. I'm not sure what type of material was used for that procedure, but I'm curious if different implant options are now available, or if a surgeon would even recommend trying it again since I rejected an implant the first time around. Thank you.

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Chin Implant Rejection

Although possible, it is extremely unlikely you actually rejected the previous chin implant if silicone was used. If you saw me in consultation at this time I would recommend placement of another implant. Another alternative would be the augmentation of your chin with fat or a filler such as Radiesse which would last about 1 1/2 years.

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Chin implant rejection rare

It is highly unlikely that you rejected a silicone implant.  It is however quite possible you had a misplaced implant or an infection that required removal of the implant.  There is no reason why you could not try again to have another chin implant placed.  Good luck.

Chin Implant rejection

Current material used for chin augmentation, rarely cause actual rejection. Rejection is body's reaction to foreign material. These implants are made up of relatively inert material such as soft solid silicone or Gortex etc. They do not produce what is called " foreign body reaction".  What many patient consider to be rejection, is usually infection requiring removal. Silicone is our implant of choice and there are several chin implants of different size and shape. However, we find that they need to be adjusted to fit each patient's chin anatomy. If you and your surgeon think you could benefit from a chin implant, then there should be no reason not to have one placed again.

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