Changing Nose Tip by Manipulating the Cartilage by Hand?

In other words, when I became self-conscious about my nose, I began using my fingers to manipulate it and try to shape it the way I would like it and it caused my nose to be more hawk-like in appearance at the end.

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Don't blame yourself. You can't change cartilage this way.


Short of breaking your nasal bones by hand (a hard task to do and a painful one), there's really no way that you can cause a change such as you describe. Cartilage cannot be manipulated manually to produce any meaningful or lasting shape change.

If you're concerned about your nasal appearance, speak to a surgeon well-trained and experienced in rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty by Hand



You would have to be very, very aggressive with your hand manipulation in order to make a visible change. It is highly unlikely but anything is possible.



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