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Are Butt Implants Cheaper Than the Fat Transfer?

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Generally costs more

Generally, a Brazilian Butt Lift costs less than butt implants, however this really depends on the patient. 

Cost of Butt Implants vs BBL

To answer your question:

In terms of costs of the procedure, buttock implants are more expensive than the brazilian butt lift. The cost of the prosthesis is the principal factor that makes the difference in price. Also the advantage of being a more long-lived process in terms of results, also gives an added value.

To give you a numerical idea of the costs of these procedures in our country, the price range of a brazilian butt lift is 3500-4000 USD, while the buttocks implant surgery is between 4800-5500 USD, depending on the hospital, the surgeon and the quality of implants used.

It is very important that you choose a surgeon with experience in the realization of this procedure.

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Javier Baez Angles, MD
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Are Butt Implants Cheaper Than the Fat Transfer?

The fee will depend upon the surgeon and the area. If I have the choice to perform the Brazilian buttlift or the buttock implantation, I would choose the Brazilian buttlift. The implants have a more significant side effect profile, and they only change the butt. The liposuction in the BBL can sculpt virtually anything and create virtually anything. The results after initial six weeks are stable over time for years and years. I perform about 500 Brazilian buttlifts each year, and this procedure is the most surgeon dependent plastic surgery procedure. Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Hello Roxxane

Thank you for this question.  It is always recommended to come in for your consultation so we can see you and determine which surgery is best for your body type and shape.  Depends on how much fat cells you have and the look you're trying to achieve.  Usually, every patients price quote varies.  Some patients who do a butt augmentation with implants may need liposuction to give their body more shape and contouring.  If you are very petite you may only need buttock implants and no liposuction may be cheaper.  In our office we see prices vary from $8,900 and higher for either procedure.  The price varies depending on time needed for surgery and liposuction areas.

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