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Brown Pigment Around Tummy Tuck Scar 4 Weeks Post Op, Will It Go Away? (photo)

4 weeks post op (I removed the surgical tape 1 week ago) and I notice a brown pigment around my scar. My scar is very thin but I'm worried about the color of the surrounding skin where the tape was placed. Will the discoloration around my scar disappear? I had a full tummy tuck with no drain. Is there anything I can do to help it heal better?

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Brownish pigment after tt

It's too early to predict the nature of your final scar, since you are only 1 week out from surgery.  Usually these early color changes fade with time, as the healing progresses and the inflammation settles. If, however, your pigment is stubborn - using some medical grade fade creams, like hydroquinone, will usually take care of these color changes.  Ask you PS if you need one, if the brown color is still present after a few more weeks.

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Scar after tummy tuck

Hyperpigmentation can make scarring more visible, and is worsened by sun exposure. You should avoid exposing your scar to the sun, particularly for the full year after your surgery. You can try silicone gel or silicone sheeting, which can help reduce the appearance of scars. Please ask your surgeon for their advice as well.

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What should a scar look like at 4 weeks

Your scar is in the early phases of healing and the photo is not concerning to me.  As most of the pigmentation is immediately under the tape I would ask if you had any itching or "rash" around the incision.  This could be an indication of a mild tape or adhesive allergy that has caused more inflammation in this area.

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Scar pigmentation

Your scar is going through the inflammatory phase of healing. It should go on to fade and you should monitor it for changes and report any redness or thickening in the scar to your plastic surgeon, who may precribe a course of silicone sheeting.

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Brown pigment around tummy tuck scar

The process of wound healing is a year long process that involves adherence of the wound edges and creation of proteins and new blood vessels.  As such, this is a very metabolically active time in your body.  You may expect that a new scar will appear pink to purple in the weeks to months after surgery, and that the scars will continue to lighten, soften, and fade over time.  Some brownish discoloration around the periphery of the scar can indicate that blood that seeps into the surrounding tissues is being naturally absorbed by your body.  The best advice to keep your scars looking their best is to avoid sun exposure to the scar for 6-12 months, and to perform a gentle scar massage twice daily to encourage softening of the scar.

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