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I broke my nose a month ago, having slight breathing problems and pain. Would surgery help? (Photo)

A month ago I broke my nose. The swelling went down so no longer crooked.The problem I'm having now is that it is harder to breath. Not impossible just harder.When I laugh I snort horribly and can't stop it. Its like when I breath in deeply through my nose my nostrils suction together.I also have always had a bump on the bridge of my nose. So if rhinoplasty is your suggestion could I get the bump removed also? What are my options? Could a plastic surgeon help with my breathing problems?

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Breathing Problems and Pain after Nasal Fracture

It will be necessary to examine you to diagnose the cause of your breathing obstruction. The pictures show narrowing of the mid-portion of your nose which is consistent with obstruction of the internal nasal valves. It is unusual to still have pain one month after trauma. If surgery is necessary removal of your hump should be done at the same time.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Broken nose and difficulty breathing

It sounds like you need to visit with a plastic surgeon who focuses on both facial aesthetics and understanding nasal function.  The nose is a complex structure with several parts that can easily be disrupted with trauma, and restoring the balance between these parts and maintaining nasal function requires unique skill and experience. 
A facial plastic surgeon or general plastic surgeon with an ENT background would be best for your concerns.

Sean R. Weiss, MD
New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon

Breathing Problems After Nasal Trauma

Hi there,

If I haven't seen the patient within the first couple of weeks of their injury, then I typically wait at least 6 months (if not longer) after a broken nose before offering any surgery.  It's really hard to say what all you need done without examining you in person, including looking inside your nose.  Your best bet is to pay a visit to a board-certified ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon who has an interest in noses, so they can address the functional (breathing) and cosmetic (dorsal hump) issues simultaneously.

Good luck!

Dr. Alexander 

Ashlin Alexander, MD
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Deviated septum

After suffering trauma to the nose, you may have a deviated septum that can cause difficulty breathing.  This may be corrected with surgery however it is probably too early for surgery at 1 month.  The bump can also be removed but it is not likely to be covered by insurance even if it was caused by the trauma.  I recommend seeing a plastic surgeon for consultation once the swelling and bruising are gone.

Eugene Kim, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breathing problems

Hello, thank you for the question and the pictures. From what I see in the pictures, you seem to have a slight septal deviation to the left, and both your bony and cartilage upper vaults are really narrow, which I think is the reason for your problems breathing, This is all speculative from the pictures, as a CAT Scan is necessary to assess the cause. But in sum, in my opinion, rhinoplasty will help you with your breathing and you have a pretty nose for a wonderful result

Jose A. Leon, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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