One Breast More Swollen and Sore 10 Days Post Op? (photo)

I am 10 days post op with 350 uhp silicon under the muscle. My left breast swelled up immediately after surgery and remains very swollen, sore, and about an inch higher than the right. I did not have any significant bruising I either breast. My plastic surgeon did not seemed concerned about it and just told me that I should take 600mg of Advil every 6 hours. He also does not recommend massage. Is this size difference acceptable or does it look like something more?

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Too early

Hello. It is far too early to decide if you have post operative asymmetry. The implants are still falling into their final position and you are still experiencing swelling which may not be equal on each side. I would recommend you continue following any instructions from your surgeon and give yourself at least four months before you start to worry about your outcome.

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Breast Augmentation Recovery and Size Concerns

    A size discrepancy after breast augmentation with increased pain may be a hematoma or fluid collection, but the pictures do not necessarily suggest that.  This may be due solely to implant position.  It is best to have an exam by your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

One Breast More Swollen and Sore 10 Days Post Op

Thank you for submitting your question and photo. Your very early in your recovery from breast surgery. Your breasts will soften and the shape will change over the next several weeks. The left breast swelling and pain is concerning and you should go back to discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes

Swelling following breast augmentation

Hi there

Thank you for your kind enquiry.

It is very difficult to tell is this is significant. You look as though you have a very nice aesthetic breast with a good early result but admittedly there is more swelling on your left breast.

It is completely normal to have asymmetric swelling following an operation and this is very common with augmentation surgery. Please do give it time, wear a support bra and seek advice from your surgeon

Good luck!

One breast is larger than the other shortly after breast augmentation

The photo you have shown the left breast looks much larger and higher than the right.  If the left breast was previously symmetrical at day one and then swelled larger than the right after that there is a definate chance there is a collection of blood around the left implant. If it was like this right after surgery then you have developed a hematoma.  A lot of blood will make the left breast tighter and more painful.  Taking Advil will only mask the pain and increase the likelihood of more bleeding as Advil thins the blood.  I do not allow my patients to take any NSAIDs such as Advil for at least a month for fear of bleeding and capsule contracture.   I would consult with your PS again or seek a second opinion.   Not evacuating a hematoma will always result in a hard breast due to capsule formation. 

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Breast asymmetry

It is always helpful to see pre-op photos.  Usually the two breasts are a bit different. You need to give it more time to heal.

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One Breast More Swollen Post Op

You are still very early on in your post operative healing. It is not uncommon to be swollen and the implant(s) to be "out of  place" for the first 3 months or longer. In time the swelling will subside, your soft tissues will stretch and accommodate, allowing the implants to drop into position. Persistent swelling and pain might be indicative of a fluid collection (blood, serum). However the diagnosis should be made with an in-person exam by your plastic surgeon.

Thank you for the question. I hope this helps.

Asymmetric swelling and soreness 10 days after surgern

Your doctor is the best one to know why the left breast is more swollen and tender.  You might have had some bleeding or increased swelling  in that side.  It is still early and the left breast may just take longer to settle in. I would not recommend massage at this point, however compression may help. It may take 6 weeks or more for the left breast to become more like the right

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One Breast More Swollen and Sore 10 Days Post Op

I am not sure I see a size difference--I do see that the left implant looks higher than the right. This is not uncommon in the early preop period, and it can take 3 months or longer for the pectoral muscle to relax to accommodate the implant. It is not uncommon for these to appear asymmetric. There can be other causes that would be apparent when your surgeon examines you--I can't tell from the narrative if that has happened yet or not. If your follow up contacts have just been by phone, an in person visit is in order. 

Thanks, all the best. 

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