Breasts Look Flat After Implant Replacement and Lift

I had old implants from 18 years ago removed and had new ones put in along with a breast lift. My PMD only gave me 150 cc which I think is small. I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and they look like flat fat pancakes. I was wearing a 42DD and he says I will possibly still be a D cup. Why would Dr's. only fill the implant with so little solution? He said I could go back and they can add more but how will that happen? How would they know where to poke me to get to the implant?

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Implants with lift

You are very early post-op to see the final result.  It will take weeks and maybe months to see that. Give them time to settle.

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Early appearance of breasts following lift

IT is very early to assess the longterm results of your surgery. It is very likely that your breasts will drop and assume a more tear drop shape as opposed to their currentl appearance. Implants can easily be increased in size by accessing their fill ports/valves if necessary. Any qualified surgeon can do this with relative ease but it will likely require minor surgery.

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