What type and size of breast implant should I get? (photo)

What type and size of breast implant should I get? Do I need to get a breast lift with my implants? My goal is to have similar looking symmetrical breast. I would like them to be higher and a little bit bigger. Symmetry and a youthful appearance are my main objective. I have had several consults but given different suggestions. I am not sure what is best for me. I am 5'9 and I weigh 197 lbs. I have broad shoulders and wide hips. My breasts have deflated after having children. I plan to have breast augmentation soon.

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Breast lift + implant required for symmetry but augmentation alone will give good result


A breast augmentation with a breast implant combined with a breast lift will be required to achieve symmetry.

However, your breast ptosis or sag is so minor that ypou could achieve a nice result--but not symmetry--with a breast augmentation alone. The benefit of course is that you will avoid the scars caused by a breast lift or dermal mastopexy, which are substantial.

If you decide to have a breast augmentation with breast implant alone be sure to discuss with your surgeon the possibility of a transareolar incision (see pic below) and a subglandular (as opposed to a submuscular) breast implant.

Attempting a submuscular implant in a ptotic or sagging breast can often cause a "snoopy defrormity" in which the implant is too high and pushes the sagging breast down.

See before and after photos of breast lift with implant and transareolar breast augmentation scar.

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift and Augmentation


An increasingly attractive and popular option for breast enhancement, particularly in women who have been through pregnancy and lactation, is the combination of a vertical mastopexy (breast lift) with breast augmentation. This is the ideal breast surgery procedure for women seeking breast enhancement who have experienced breast volume 'deflation' following pregnancy and lactation (and for those with 'deflated' appearing breasts who have never been pregnant), and who have the desire for a fuller breast profile.

For some patients with a significant amount of existing breast tissue, a breast lift alone may produce an acceptable breast appearance. However, it is difficult to achieve fullness in the upper poles (the cleavage area) of the breasts by means of a breast lift alone. In consultations I ask patients how important it is for them to have the appearance of some fullness in the upper part of the breasts, and thereby achieve a significantly more youthful breast profile. For patients that indicate that this is important to them, I recommend a breast augmentation mastopexy.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants and lifting


In some respects you don't have an easy starting point. First of all, you need an implant to add volume. However at your height and weight, a proper implant will be wide enough and have enough volume that it won't make you just "a little bigger." Rather, it will add probably 2 cup sizes. If you go with too narrow an implant, with the wide separation you already have between your breasts, you will wind up looking like two tennis balls with a mile in between. The implants should be the same size as each other and the lift will elevate the nipples and tighten the skin. Make sure you go to an experienced plastic surgeon!

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift with augmenation- breast implants


you have lost breast volume and have breast ptosis. Altough breast augmentation with breast implants will help to replenish your lost breast volume, you would also need a breast lift. Unfortunately, from your pictures, without an examination it is not possible to tell you what type of breast lift you will need.

S. Sean Younai, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift and Asymmetric Breasts


Hi Kim,

You are correct to emphasize the asymmetry. The implant can improve symmetry if your surgeon uses different volume for either side. Lift improves the contour, shape and location of nipple. Implant gives you more fullness in the upper pole of the breast and also give you a fuller cleavage.

Hope this was helpful

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Can't determine size and type of implant from a picture


Your picture is very useful. It tells us plastic surgeons many things. For example, one can tell that you will need some volume to fill in the breasts. Thus, you would benefit from having an implant.

The other thing we can see is that you will probably need a lift. If you only have an implant, your breast will be bigger, but it will look droopy.

What we are unable to tell without actually seeing you and talking to you is the type and size of implant you will need. This depends on many variables. First of all, what size would you like to be? A "C" cup? What shape would you like? Would you like a more natural looking breast? Or do you prefer a lot of roundness and fullness at the top of the breast? Also, one would need to know what your measurements are. That includes your height, weight, as well as your chest width, breast width, distance between the nipples, distance from the nipples to the clavicle, etc.

All of this information helps us figure out what kind of implant you would need. Without, that information, it is impossible to tell.

It sounds like you have spoken to several surgeons and have received several answers. This is common because this surgery is more an art than a science. If the surgeon gave you good explanations as to what they planned to do, and it was consistent with what you wanted, and you liked their before and afters, then you should feel confident in that surgeon's ability to deliver the kind of result you would like.

John Diaz, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast enhancement options


It is too difficult to give you specific advice about your best options based on this single photo. It appears as if you are a patient who may or may not need a breast lift with their breast augmentation. You stated that you want slightly bigger breasts. There is no way to do that without an augmentation. The size and type of implant is something that you and your surgeon will need to decide upon after a physical exam, measurements, and a conversation about implant profiles. So now you need to decide if you need a lift. Since you are probably a borderline patient, I would suggest completing the augmentation alone, allowing the implant to settle into position for about 3 months, and then decide if you think you need a breast lift. 

William T. Stoeckel, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift and Implants to Complete the Rejuvenation


Breast implants alone will make your breasts larger, but not improve the position.

Using different size breast implants will partially correct your asymmetry.

Your best result would come from breast lift with implants:

  • The breast lift provides the opportunity to reshape the breasts and adjust the areola size and position for better symmetry.
  • Reducing the larger breast to match the other breast, and then use the same size implants is your best chance for optimal symmetry.

The combination of implants and lift will do the best job of providing better breast position with more fullness in the upper chest.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift with an implant


It looks like you're an excellent candidate for a lift and augmentation with silicone implants. I would place the scars around the areoalas and use about 200-300cc implants depending on how large you want to be. Talk with several plastic surgeons around your area to see what they would recommend and to see who you feel comfortable with. Good luck!

Jeffrey E. Schreiber, MD, FACS
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Knowing what an implant or a lift does


It is not possible to be sure of symmetry or degree of droop from a single picture taken at a slight angle. Judging from the photo available, it does not appear that a lift is needed in order for an implant to fill out the breast naturally and make it look lifted and more youthful. It is important to understand that an implant is only pillow volume and does not lift the breast. It will also not solve positional asymmetry. It can only improve volume asymmetry.

A lift, regardless of how it is done, does not give forward projection, improve tone or "perkiness", or fill in the upper part of the breast above the nipple-areola. It also has a significant scar trade-off. In general I do not recommend mastopexy (lift) unless that is the only option or the patient truly understands what the lift will do and not do and accepts the scar required.

An augmentation mammoplasty (breast implants) is a simpler procedure with a minor scar tradeoff and properly fitted, carried out, and healed should give exactly what is expected of it.

Thus, the patient should decide what her goal is. If it's volume, forward projection, and fill of the upper part of the breast, then an augmentation is ideal. If it's to address the positional asymmetry or move the central breast up slightly, then a lift is indicated. In general I do not recommend doing the two operations together because the complexity and risk of complications or dissatisfaction with the result and the need for revision is much higher. The patient has more control if she does one at a time based on knowing what that will accomplish.

Also, some breasts have sagged too far and an augmentation is not possible until the breast is lifted back up over the base. It is also possible for an augmentation to be done now but a lift will be needed later. Another option is to lift the breast and then see if an augmentation is still desired.

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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