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One Breast More Swollen After Breast Augmentation

I am just over 3 weeks post op breast augmentation. I received 425cc in right and 475cc in left. My left breast had to have the dual plane procedure. However, that one is way more sore than the right one. Is this normal?

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Asymmetry is normal


Three months is plenty of time to determine the final outcome in breast augmentation. Although there continues to be changes over the next 3 months they are very minimal. The picture you provide demonstrates a very minimal difference. But remember that you were asymmetric prior to surgery. Your surgeon did the best he could to get you closer to symmetry after augmentation. You also have to remember that augmentation enhances the breasts so your surgeon has to limit this enhancement yet try to create symmetry.

Symmetry is not normal in nature. I'm sure your result is quite good. You look great in the photo so enjoy your new breasts.

Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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It is still too early to tell


GIven that you had some asymmetry preop, and that the implants placed are different sizes, it will take some time for everything to settle before you know your final result. I would stay in close contact with your surgeon who can examine you and reassure you as you heal and as the implants settle into their final position. At the moment, based on your photo, I do see the slight difference that you are describing, but it appears to be within the limits of normal healing, and my guess is that you will have an outstanding result once everything has healed.

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Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Not uncommon for one side to hurt more

Not too worry - it is very normal to have one side be more swollen or more painful - especially if more dissection was done on that side (i.e. dual plane procedure). Hang in there.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven Swelling Following Breast Augmentation


         It’s not unusual to experience swelling in the post-operative period following breast augmentation. This swelling may occasionally result in transient asymmetry. This should improve with the passage of time.

         It appears that you had asymmetric breasts prior to surgery. This was severe enough that different procedures were performed on each side. Under these circumstances, it’s reasonable to expect improvement, but unreasonable to expect perfect symmetry.

         It’s normal to have some breast asymmetry even after breast augmentation. It’s still early, be patient and give the swelling time to resolve. Make sure you discuss your concerns with your surgeon. You may still be very satisfied with your results.

Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Continue to follow your post operative instructions for a normal recovery


This is a very frequent question and yes, early asymmetry is expected.  One breast can be more painful than the other.    Give it time and the implant will likely drop and you will achieve better symmetry.   Right now continue to follow your plastic surgeons advice as far as wearing a bra and massage. 

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Swelling post BBA


Dear newmommy,

Your results are expected at 3weeks post-op.  Given that you had pre-existing asymmetry, your surgeon has attempted to achieve symmetry by using different sized implants.  That doesn't mean you can expect perfect symmetry.  You should expect improved symmetry.  I tell my patients that their breasts are "sisters, not twins".


Warmest Regards,

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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The goal of surgery is to be less uneven. Asymmetry is normal


There is always more pain in one breast than the other and it is natural for you to compare.

If you think about what surgically took place, let's review. Your SMALLER left breast recieved the LARGER implant. Whereas the opposite is true with your right breast. Let's use an oversimplified analogy. IF we put a baseball in your left blue jean pocket but put a golf ball in your right cargo pants pocket, how do you think they would feel different? The left breast is naturally tighter and being stretched more than the right.

Give it time and perform breast implant displacment exercises if suggested by your surgeon.

From the looks of things, it appears that you have an excellent outcome.

ALL breasts are uneven. The goal of surgery is to make them less uneven, no one can achieve perfect symmetry. ASYMMETRY IS NORMAL.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Difference in swelling and level of pain is normal



There is always a difference in swelling and always a difference in the level of pain between one breast and the other. This is particularly true if different procedures were done on each breast, like you had.

Make sure you follow up soon with your surgeon, keep him advised of your concerns, but you are still early on in the process to worry too much. Best of luck.

Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Two different-sized breast implants often look asymmetrical


Since the left breast implant is bigger, it is making the left breast look fuller. In time, the skin of the left breast will stretch to accomodate the larger breast implant and hopefully, will look more symetrical. Wait 3 months for this to occur.

Be sure to address your concerns with your doctor.

Using two different-sized breast implants to compensate for a breast asymmetry is often difficult.

This is because the different implants have a different base width and projection. You will always be able to feel the difference if you look closely.

However, once the breast tissues have adjusted you should feel much better and look more symetrical.

Discuss with your doctor wheter massage and breast displacement exercises can help the left breast accomodate the larger implant.

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Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Too early to tell about breast swelling


It is not uncommon for one breast to be more swollen than the other for weeks or even months after a breast augmentation.  I would give it at least 6 months for everything to settle down before considering a revision.

Medford Plastic Surgeon
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