How Long After a Breast Reduction can One get Implants?

I recently had breast reduction surgery. I was very apprehensive about having this because I wanted to have a lift with implants. The doctor assured me that what I needed was a reduction. I was a 34DD. I wanted to be no smaller than a large C. I wanted a more uplifted look. I am now a 34B. I am now looking into having implants. How long after a breast reduction does one have to wait to have implants? And are there any added risks due to having a reduction before hand.

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Implants after breast reduction

Ideally, one should wait six months before implant surgery. However I strongly suggest that the implant be placed underneath your pectoral muscle in order to avoid compromising the blood supply to the breast tissue and nipple.

Breast Implants Following Breast Reduction

Thank you for your question. It does sound as though you and yopur surgeon had a different understanding of what your surgical goal was at the time of your breast reduction.  Adding implants if carefully chosen can help fill the upper pole of the breast for more cleavage.  It is safe to add breast implants at a second surgery, but if precise sizing and shape are important to you, it is vbetter to wait until the swelling is gone and your skin has settled.  I would suggest a minimum of six months.

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Breast Augmentation after Reduction-Risks and Timing


There shouldn't be any additional risks with augmenting breasts that have been reduced.  The greastest concern is making sure that you and your surgeon are on the same wavelength with regard to size and shape.  The operation may be a bit more difficulf for the surgeon depending on the degree of scarring wihin the breast.  Six months seems to be a reasonable minimal time between operations.  It gives the tissues and incisions a chance to soften.  The shape of the breast will have settle by then.

Good luck 

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Breast augmentation after breast reduction

I would let 6 months pass after the breast reduction to go in and put in implants.  You need to let everything "settle" and 6 months is probably a good interval for that.  You are not alone, this happens sometimes, especially when people realize that a breast reduction does not restore the upper breast volume lost with age/time/children.  Your situation is best evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon and if you are at all unsure, consult with several.  There is no one right answer.  Best of luck to you.

Staged lift and augmentation

There are times when a lift/reduction needs to be done separately from an augmentation because one tightens you and the other stretches you.  After 4-6 months it would be generally okay to do the implants.

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