Will Breast Keep Growing After 23?

Im a small 34b im 23 years old but look 16 will my breast stay this size or like i said i look 16 is it possible that my body is developing at a slower rate i guess?

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Your breast can change throughout your life time


If you are a late developer your breast may continue to change a bit, and your breast will indeed change throughout your life. The breast isn't mature until your first pregnancy when the glandular breast will develop. Size can change with weight loss or gain as well. If volume is the issue an augmentation might be right for you.

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Size of breast

Most women are through developing from puberty around 15-16 years of age, but a few will continue until about 20-21.  Unless you become pregnant or gain weight, your breasts may not change in size for quite some time.  You might want to see a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss augmentation options.

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Breast development

Your breasts are most likely done (or very nearly done) growing. If you desire larger breasts contact a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options (implants or fat transfer). Best of luck!

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Will my breasts keep growing after 23?

It is unlikely that your breasts will continue to develop more after this age, unless other factors play in such as weight gain, hormone imbalances, or pregnancy.   Every woman's breast size and shape is unique.     Many women have breast surgery if they are not happy with their breasts after they are fully developed.   Procedures such as breast implants or fat grafting can increase the volume and improve the shape of breasts. 


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Breast Growth Usually Stops By Age 20


         Although breast growth varies from patient to patient, it generally stops between 16 and 20 years of age. Even though growth stops, the breast continues to undergo changes for the remainder of a women’s life. This is affected by weight gain, pregnancy, lactation and gravity.

         At 23, it’s unlikely that your breasts will change without a life changing event such as pregnancy or weight gain. In patients with stable breast size, breast augmentation is definitely a consideration.

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In General, Breasts Stop Growing Before 23 Years of Age

Normally, breast development begins between the ages of 7 and 13 and ends at approximately 18 years of age.These are average numbers and there are certainly potential exceptions.Sometimes different forms of birth control pills can lead to some degree of breast enlargement.In general however, you should expect your breasts to have stopped growing by the age of 23.

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Breast development

Your breasts will continue to change based on your hormones for the remainder of your life.  If and when you become pregnant, your breasts will become engorged as they begin milk production.  Afterwards, the glandular tissue will involute.  As you age, the proportion of glandular tissue and fat changes in the breast with fat becoming more prevalent.

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Breast size

Your breast can change for many years. Weight loss or gain, pregnancy and breast feeding, and certain medications can alter your breast size as well as loss of skin tone may alter the shape.

Howard N. Robinson, MD
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Breast growth


It is very unlikely that you will have any more breast growth after the age of 18-20. Most of the hormonal influences for growth will be gone

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Breast growth unlikely at this point..


It is unlikely that your breast size will change unless you gain a significant amount of weight.  Pregnancy can also change your breasts, but generally it does not make them larger in the long run. 

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