Is It Ok to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck at the Same Time?

I would like to get a tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift at the same time. Is this possible? I only have 2 weeks off, and I weigh 135 and is 5'4", in ok shape. I just want a flat stomach and round-shaped butt.

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Do Brazilian Butt Lift first, tummy tuck second!


This is a very common question!. I have many patients who have received this combination, but they did these surgeries separately. They first received thorough liposuction of the abdomen hips waist back thighs and trunk and then received selective fat grafting to the buttock region. They then recovered from the Brazilian Butt lift. After this procedure they lost a great deal of fat from the abdomen hips and waist and truly enjoyed their new curves. However because of the aggressive liposuction they now had loose skin in their abdomen and hips. This was expected. Once they recovered from the Brazilian Butt lift they returned to receive a tummy tuck this tightened the hips waist and abdomen and gave them a beautiful result. It's always best to do a Brazilian Butt lift before a tummy tuck so that you can use all the tissue and fat than you otherwise would have discarded with the tummy tuck.

For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or butt augmentation, please schedule an iConsult or visit us online at the link below.

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BBL - Tummy Tuck Combination


A brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck can certainly be done at the same time. But there are some concerns. When I have done these in the past, I performed liposuction of selected areas first. The fat was then processed and injected into the buttocks. The tummy tuck was then performed at the end of the procedure. What I found is that while the patient was undergoing the tummy tuck portion, she was laying directly on her buttocks. This caused some flattening and loss of projection of the buttocks. Even though these two procedures can be done together, they are best done separately. This allows for more predictability of the result. Furthermore, the recovery is more difficult when procedures are combined. After a brazilian butt lift, I have my patients sleep on their stomachs for the first month. This is not possible if you've had a tummy tuck. The patient can only sleep on her sides and this makes for a very uncomfortable recovery. In addition, the post-surgery pain is much greater. So therefore, I recommend that you have the procedures done separately. Please consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

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Brazilian Butt Lift with Tummy Tuck can be done


I have done this many times. Each time requires a careful discussion with the patient for the following reasons:

1. For the Brazilian Butt Lift it is imperative you avoid pressure to the buttocks to ensure fat graft survival. Therefore, most of your rest time is on your stomach.

2. For the Tummy Tuck, you want to keep the waist slightly bent to protect the muscle repair and keep the skin flap free of tension.

In practical terms this means you have to sleep on your stomach with lots of pillows propping your chest, or on your sides with a lot of pillow support to keep your butt offloaded. It is not easy, but it can be done.

Use of a pain pump helps a lot since you have to lay on your stomach so much. I also use the Lockwood technique for dissection of the abdominal flap, which gives me the freedom to harvest a lot of fat while at the same time keeping great blood supply to the abdominal flap so I'm not afraid of having the patient lay on her stomach.

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I would not do a tummy tuck and buttock lift at the same operation


Dear littlelesr,

I understand your desire to accomplish as much as possible during one operation. However, my main concern is that your recovery will be quite difficult after having surgery on both the front and back of your body.

After a buttock lift you will need to sleep and rest on your side or tummy. That would be difficult if you have also had a tummy tuck.

Studies have shown that as you increase the number of operations done at one setting, the incidence of complications goes up. I do perform tummy tuck and breast operations at the same setting. However, performing tummy tuck surgery and then rolling you over to do a buttock lift is more than I would do.

Your recovery would be difficult, healing could be interfered with, and bacterial contamination of the abdominal wound by incisions placed in the perineal area could also be a problem.

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Would not recommend Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck at the same time



I would not recommend getting these two procedures done at the same time for several reasons:

1. Extensive liposuction is required for a Brazilian Butt Lift. This could diminish the circulation to critical areas that a successful tummy tuck relay on.

2. The final positions for a tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt lift are completely different.

The final position in a tummy tuck is a sitting position with knees bent. This helps the circulation to the incision but you are sitting on your backside.

The final position of the Butt lift is on your stomach which keeps pressure off of the fat grafts which helps the fat survive. Sometimes lying on your side is okay.

3. In my practice both of these procedures would place you over my 6 hour time limit.

4. Personally I feel that after surgery your mobility would be more limited which could lead to an increased tendency for lower leg blood clots.

I would proceed with the Brazilian Butt lift first. More lipo can be performed on your abdomen than would be dared attempted if a tummy tuck was also being performed. Then I would recommend waiting about 6 months to perform the tummy tuck. You may get an even better abdominal contour because you have had lipo on your abdomen first.

Remember these are excellent procedures but are big procedures and when combined together may not be the safest way to achieve your desired result.

Hope this was helpful

Dr. ES

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Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck at the Same Time


As you can see, there are many different opinions on combining a Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck during the same surgery.  Here is a quick risk-benefit breakdown:

Benefit of Combining Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck:  

     1.  One operative time and one time under general anesthesia

     2.  Shorter combined recovery time

Risks of Combining Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck:

     1.  Longer operative time

     2.  More complicated positioning during recovery

In my practice, I routinely combine Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck into the same surgical procedure.  Patients usually find it most comfortable to sleep on their side and avoid prolonged sitting.  While this can be a rather lengthy surgery and involves a fair amount of intraoperative repositioning, I have performed this combination of surgeries with much success over the years.

Jaime Perez, M.D.

Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist in Tampa, FL

Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa, FL


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Brazilian Butt Lift & Tummy Tuck at the Same Time


Combining procedures into one surgery is very common, especially with a Brazilian Butt Lift and a tummy tuck. A Brazilian Butt Lift is performed by extracting fat from donor sites utilizing liposuction and meticulously injecting them into the layer of fat in the buttocks to achieve a smooth result. Since liposuction is often performed alongside a tummy tuck to achieve the desired result, it is likely that performing the procedures together is your best option. Ofcourse, each patient needs to be examined and receive medical clearance prior to making this decision. 

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Comining the your Brazilian Butt Lift and your Tummy Tuck


Yes. Combining procedures is more beneficial to you in the sense that you will not have to go through recovery twice for two different procedures. It is also cost efficient because you don’t have to pay for the operating room twice. Also, more fat can be harvested and used by combining the procedures. Fat from the abdomen can be liposuctioned from the area where the tummy tuck is planned and used for the buttock augmentation.

The one concern you should have is to make sure you are going to a qualified surgeon that has the experience and expertise in your procedures of interest.

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Brazilian Butt Lift, abdominoplasty combination


Hi Littlelesr,

I have performed this combination many times. It does make recovery a little harder though, and there is an increased risks of complications, but fortunately, these are still pretty rare.

When I do a Brazilian, I recommend you lay on your stomach or sides. When you have a tummy tuck, you can't safely lay on your stomach. Therefore, you are left with your left side or right side or standing. You will definitely need some help for about the first week. It's tough, but I have never had a patient regret having it all done at once.

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Hi there-

The two procedures you're asking about can, in fact be performed together. It may be difficult to do so safely, however, as immediately after a tummy tuck it is ill-advised to lie flat on your stomach, and performing your Brazilian Butt Lift requires it, it is usually better to stage them.

Doing them in the opposite order also presents problems, as after your Buttock Augmentation it is not recommended that you lie flat on your back or sit on your new buttocks for some time.

So, to summarize, I think there are many procedures that can be combined, but being able to do so does not necessarily mean that it is in your best interests... Remember that the goal is for you to look as good as possible, not to combine procedures. Understanding this, you would be better off optimizing the circumstances for both procedures.

I hope that helps you.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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