Brazilian Butt Lift Through Smart Lipo?

Can Brazilian Butt Lift be done with fat obtained through Smart Lipo, or does the fat have to be harvested through traditional Liposuction?

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SmartLipo destroys fat- this cannot be used in a Brazilian Butt Lift


SmartLipo is a special type of liposuction that will destroy the fat as it is removed. If the fat is then destroyed it then cannot be used as material for fat grafting into the gluteal region. For a successful result in a Brazilian butt lifts, the fat must be cleaned and processed very gently. Only in this way will the fat survive once it is placed into the buttocks. If someone is offering this combination to you, be suspicious and please make sure that your surgeon actually has experience doing this. I would insist on seeing photographs as well as talking to patients who have received this.

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Why Brazilian butt lift should not be done with smart lipo


Smart lipo literally boils the fat cells.

These fat cells are not viable and will not be available for fat grafting. Fat grafting is a very specialized procedure that takes a lot of care.

The video below explains what it takes to harvest a succesful fat graft, see also the linked blog post on subject.

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Smart lipo Brazilian Butt Lift


Smart Lipo melts fat and shrinks the skin.  To get the best of both I harvest the fat with traditional tumescent liposuction.  I then use smart lipo after the fat has been harvested to get better skin shrikage from the harvested areas.  This way the fat is not melted and you gettting better skin shrikage.

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Smart Lipo for Brazilian Butt Lift?


Definitely wouldn't recommend it!

Smart Lipo uses a laser to break up and melt the fat cells, killing them. What you have to understand is that the Brazilian procedure doesn't just transfer fat. This procedure is really a way of transferring the cells that store the fat, Fat Cells. The goal is to transfer these cells in a way that they survive in their new location, the soft tissues of the buttocks. Therefore, laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, and even power assisted liposuction are probably a bad idea as they all will damage more fat cells.

This is a very tedious and delicate procedure. We do everything we can to preserve the fat cells. I have performed this procedure hundreds of times over the past 12+ years, and have refined my technique to what I have found that works. However there maybe docs out there who would use these alternative liposuction techniques. Be sure you choose a reputable and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your procedure. And, be sure you can see lots of before and after photos with good results that you would be happy with. Good luck!

Dr M

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Smart lipo destroys fat cells and therefore can not be used for harvesting fat fro buttock augmentation


Because laser liposuction or "smart liposuction" destroys fat cells, it can not be used to harvest fat cells for grafting into the buttocks. I guess "smart lipo" is not such a "smart idea".

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Improving results with Brazilian Buttock lift


To get the best result with Brazilian Butt Lift, you need the following;

  • adequate Fat
  • Excellent technique and extensive experience by your surgeon.
  • The three processes of micro injecting the fat should be done meticulously and without trauma to the very fragile fat cells.  These include non-traumatic fat transfer techniques during 1. Harvesting 2. Processing and 3. micro injecting the fat cells.

Make sure you discuss with your surgeon what he feels will give you the best result. Discuss your expectation and desires in detail.

Also, please remember that traditional, power assisted, ultrasonic and smart Liposuction all destroy fat cells to some degree.

Hope this was helpful.

Dr. Sajjadian

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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You need fat that will survive.


With Brazillian butt lifts the goal is to transfer fat from unwanted areas and use it to enhance the profile of the buttocks. The fat that is transferred should be treated so that it will survive.

Transferring fat that will die will lead to complications like infection and loss of contour improvement. Smart lipo, laser lipo, cool lipo, ultrasonic lipo - anything where there is increased fat cell destruction means the fat you transfer may not survive.

Traditional liposuction should be used. Now that does not mean you can't have other liposuction techniques at the same time, but that fat shouldn't be used as part of the contouring for the Brazillian Butt Lift.

I hope this helps.

Steven Williams, MD

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Fat transfer requires non-traumatized fat cells.



Fat transfer requires non-traumatized fat cells. Smart Lipo uses a laser to melt the fat. These fat cells would not be viable for transfer techniques. Depending on how much fat you need transfered, it would be possible to do traditional liposuction to get enough fat for transfer and then perform Smart Lipo everywhere else.

I hope this is helpful.

David Shafer, MD
New York City

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Smart Lipo is Not Best for Brazilian Butt Lift


Because Smart Lipo melts the fat this technique is not nearly as successful with the Brazilian Butt Lift as traditional liposuction. In order for the results to be permanent its important that the fat cells are transferred to the butt and establish a blood supply to that area.  Since Smart Lipo melts the fat, it is killing fat cells that are necessary for the augmentation.

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Smart Lipo an Brazilian Buttlift


     The fat needs to removed without damaging it.   The laser used in smart lipo does just that.  It is reasonable to use more conventional liposuction methods to preserve the fat for the best fat take and for minimizing fat necrosis.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Brazilian buttlift Los Angeles, CA

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